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BioGaia’s Probiotic to be Launched in Thailand

Phase 2

BioGaia has signed an exclusive agreement with Abbott for the rights to commercialize BioGaia products in the area of paediatrics and gastroenterology in Thailand. The products will be co-branded under BioGaia and Abbott brand. Launch of the products is planned to 2017.

BioGaia primarily focus on paediatrics, gastroenterology and oral health, and the probiotic products are available in around 90 countries.

“We have a strong focus on growing our Asian business and I am very pleased that BioGaia’s products will be available in another important country in the region. Based on the positive experience we already have in collaborating with Abbott in Latin America, I look forward to a successful launch of our products with Abbott in Thailand as well”, said Axel Sjöblad, managing director, BioGaia.

For more information, visit www.biogaia.com.

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