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2014 Product Sales Training Manual

Ever wish you and your staff could have more one-on-one time with sales representatives from the top companies serving the natural products industry? Finding out how to anticipate and answer customer questions while gaining a deeper understanding of the products you’re carrying (or thinking of carrying) on your shelves? That’s what Vitamin Retailer sought to deliver with its 2014 Product Sales Training Manual.

We provided each company in this special section with an opportunity to address retailers directly with insight about their top product(s) and tips for selling them. We recommended that submissions be conversational—the way a rep would handle in-store training—while providing concrete information about the company (i.e., history, research efforts, quality assurance measures, etc.) and its products/line (i.e., merchandising tips, potential customer questions/interactions, dos and don’ts retailers should keep in mind when advising customers, etc.).

AjiPure Amino Acids

4020 Ajinomoto Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27611
Phone: (919) 233-2315
Website: www.ajipure.com

AjiPure—the World’s Purest Brand of Amino Acids

Now available to U.S. retailers

Amino acids are the building blocks of a vast array of proteins. They are responsible for muscle, brain and blood functions, and their biological significance makes them integral elements of nutrition and nutritional supplementation. Health practitioners, clinical researchers and elite athletes have used AjiPure® amino acids for years, and now Ajinomoto is bringing the world’s purest amino acids to the shelves of quality retailers nationwide.

More than 100 years of scientific research and development have allowed Ajinomoto to produce a line of amino acids that are 99-100 percent pure and unmatched in quality. AjiPure amino acids contain no animal products and no fillers, and every AjiPure product is independently certified to be free of banned substances, essential for athletes at every level who are dedicated to maintaining a banned-substance-free status and health-conscious consumers devoted to a natural lifestyle. Unlike many amino acid manufacturers who use extraction methods with animalbased starting materials, such as human hair or bird feathers, Ajinomoto uses only 100 percent natural, vegetable-based raw ingredients of non-animal origin.

Five AjiPure amino acids are now available to retailers in the U.S. market. These five amino acid products offer lifestyle enhancement and set a global standard for purity, traceability, efficacy and quality.

The AjiPure product line features the following amino acid supplements:

• ArgiFlow®—helps stimulate vasodilation to support healthy blood pressure and blood flow already within a normal range; helps to maintain healthy levels of growth hormone; promotes the urea cycle in the removal of toxic ammonia from the body.

• Fusil®—helps stimulate protein synthesis to build muscle; boosts endurance, and energy during physical activities.

• Fusi-BCAA®— bolsters stamina and promotes muscular energy during physical training; supports reduced muscle fatigue and recovery after exercise.

• Glutammimune®—fuels the immune system and supports intestinal health; supports the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue during exercise; reduces muscle fatigue and post-exercise discomfort.

• Tryptopure®—contributes to healthy sleep patterns, digestive system, skin and nerves; helps to maintain mood and healthy appetite.

For strength, physique and combat sports athletes looking for increases in muscular power, size and endurance, AjiPure Fusil provides the purest form of vegetable-sourced Lleucine available on the global market for fast cellular nutrition. For the restless sleeper looking for healthier sleep patterns, TryptoPure supplies the highest quality L-tryptophan available, increasing serotonin and melatonin levels for a better night’s sleep and more balanced mood. These two examples, and the rest of the AjiPure line, provide a complete amino acid supplement foundation for elite athletes, busy moms, vegans and any smart, health-conscious consumers looking to complement a balanced nutrition and fitness regimen.

All AjiPure products are environmentally sustainable, gluten free, vegan certified, non-GMO (genetically modified organism), GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliant and use no artificial additives or fillers. Using Ferment-A-Pure technology, AjiPure amino acids are fermented using only natural, vegetablebased carbohydrates as raw materials. Holding amino acids to these high standards increases the products’ value for a wide range of consumers. AjiPure amino acids offer benefits for all walks of life, and their unmatched purity and quality make them the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

About AjiPure 

AjiPure amino acids are the result of more than 100 years of clinical research and development of innovative technologies used to manufacture and purify pharmaceutical-grade amino acids. Fermented using only natural vegetable-based carbohydrates as raw materials, AjiPure amino acids are unsurpassed in quality and purity. AjiPure amino acids are manufactured by Ajinomoto North America, Inc., the first company to identify, refine and market amino acids in the United States.

About Ajinomoto North America, Inc.

Ajinomoto North America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. The Raleigh, NC plant began operations in 1982 and continues to be the only pharmaceutical Lamino acid manufacturer in the United States. As a subsidiary of Ajinomoto Co., Inc., the company is able to offer global sourcing and pricing. Its parent company continues to lead the industry in production technology, global supply and nutrition research for amino acids. For more information, visit www.ajinomoto-usa.com.

Bluebonnet Nutrition

12915 Dairy Ashford
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone: (281) 240-3332
Website: www.bluebonnetnutrition.com

Supporting Natural Product Retailers

Company History 

Since 1991, Bluebonnet Nutrition has been committed to offering the finest, high-quality supplements available in the natural products industry. Whether it’s selecting the best ingredients the Earth has to offer, developing pure, unique and cutting-edge formulas based on science, or manufacturing and packaging to the highest eco-friendly and quality standards, the company has paved the way for others to follow. In fact, Bluebonnet is one of just a few brands that is family owned in the industry and that manufactures its own vitamins in a 100,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, kosher-certified facility so that the company can have complete control over the quality of its products from beginning to end.

And to support the principles upon which this industry was founded, Bluebonnet is also one of the first supplement brands to institute enterprise-wide “green” practices throughout its entire operations to ensure the company leaves only a small footprint on this planet. Most importantly, Bluebonnet is one of the few vitamin companies still standing that distributes exclusively to natural product retailers, to support the backbone of the industry—mom and pop health food stores! Bluebonnet Nutrition takes pride in every step of the process in making vitamins guaranteeing that its delivers the most pure, potent, premium-quality natural nutritional supplements to the natural health food marketplace with as little impact on the environment as possible while optimizing its impact on the independent specialty stores who built this industry.

Quality Assurance Programs

• Rigorous QA/QC—Bluebonnet not only cares about what it makes, but how it gets made. Identity, authenticity, purity and potency are always tested at every stage of the manufacturing process from the starting raw materials to the finished goods. The company performs most of its in-process testing such as ICP, ICP-MS, HPLC, FTIR, ultraviolet spectrometry, etc. in house. In the event that our on-site laboratories do not possess the analytical methods to test for a specific substance as well as to verify our own testing, Bluebonnet employs highly reputable, third-party labs to do the testing. This continued investment in quality has come back in spades with an unrivaled consumer safety track record, high consumer confidence levels and a piece of mind that we are manufacturing the highest quality supplements on the market.

• Full Disclosure—There has also been a movement toward transparency within the industry with regards to sourcing of raw materials, testing, labeling and most recently, declaring whether or not supplements contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). Bluebonnet has taken a proactive lead on this effort because the company believes consumers have the right to know what they are consuming. The company has closely examined its line and has made a choice to eliminate GMO sources whenever possible so that it can provide supplements as true to nature as possible—a mission of Bluebonnet since its inception. The company has have elected to lead this movement not out of obligation but because it fundamentally believes that it is the right thing to do.

• KOF-K Kosher-Certified— Bluebonnet prides itself in providing safe, clean and efficacious supplements that have been tested using rigorous QA/QC procedures in its own, state-of-the-art, kosher-certified manufacturing facility. From the selection of raw materials through the final packaging, its products undergo rigorous hygienic and quality control measures. KOF-K Kosher Supervision is one of the world’s largest and most respected organizations, known for demanding the most stringent standards of quality control. Due to their uncompromising kosher standards, the symbol not only validates Bluebonnet’s quality, integrity and purity, it is the mark of trust for millions of kosher consumers.

• Green Initiatives—at Bluebonnet, everything purple starts off green. The company believes that companies and individuals, must do what they can to preserve the Earth and its finite natural resources. That is why Bluebonnet includes enterprise-wide “green” initiatives that include searching the globe for sustainably-sourced ingredients, using alternate energy sources, offering products free of pollutants and allergens whenever possible, implementing environmentally friendly practices, and extending a helping hand to communities in need.

Bluebonnet’s product line offers:

• KOF-K kosher-certified products

• Revolutionary products/formulas, including CellularActive® CoQ10 Ubiquinol; Vegetarian SOD (GliSODin®); Nucleotide Complex; Targeted Multiples®; Super Earth® line of whole food-based supplements including a line of whole food based children’s chewables – Super Earth® Rainforest Animalz®; and Extreme Edge® Pre Workout, CarboLoad and Post Workout, which bear the seal NSF Certified for Sport®, sport nutrition’s highest assurance of quality, purity and safety.

• Vegan products that are truly vegan from inside out by using three types of vegetarian capsules (Vcaps®, Licaps® and vegetarian soft gels derived from sea algae), instead of animal-based gelatin capsules.

• Personalized nutrition by addressing the specific gender, age, diet and lifestyle differences between individuals, as well as products that address specific structure/function applications including: Targeted Multiples®, CholesteRice, MPX 1000® Prostate Formula and Ultimate Hair & Nail Formula.

• Dairy-based products free of antibiotics and recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH).

• Products that don’t include artificiallyderived colors, sweeteners or flavors

• Non-GMO ingredients when available

• Only natural excipients when absolutely necessary to improve the manufacturing process.

• Products manufactured in our own environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art facility.

• Products packaged in recyclable amber glass bottles to better protect nutrients from environmental factors like heat, light and moisture.

Enzymedica, Inc.

771 Commerce Dr. Venice, FL 34292
Phone: (941) 505-5565; (888) 918-1118
Fax: (941) 575-6310
E-mail: info@enzymedica.com
Website: www.enzymedica.com

Food Allergy or Food Intolerance?

By Amy Pereira BA, CHNC

Are there differences between food allergies and intolerances?If so, what are they? Here I will explore common intolerances and their potential effects on the digestive system, in addition to the roles that enzymes can play in supporting individuals with these intolerances.

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), food allergies affect four percent of adults in the U.S.1 Meanwhile, other authorities state that food intolerances affect up to 20 percent or more of the population.2 

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between food allergies and food intolerances.

Defined by NIAID, food allergies involve an “abnormal response to a food, triggered by the body’s immune system.”3 In these cases, our bodies perceive food as a threat (allergen) and respond by creating antibodies that attach to the allergen and enable its removal. Once allergens are bound to antibodies, special cells (on which allergens and antibodies attach) release histamines and other chemicals that cause various symptoms, like itchy/swollen mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, hives or eczema, or even swollen throat/impaired breathing.

Food intolerances don’t involve an immune response but instead often result in a digestive system response. To dispel confusion surrounding differences between food allergies and intolerances, NIAID clarifies that intolerances involve the body’s inability to produce the enzyme (or enough of the enzyme) necessary to digest a particular food. Even if the immune system isn’t engaged, intolerance consequences are nevertheless discomforting, frequently appearing as occasional gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea. Lactose intolerance is one example of an inability to produce the enzyme lactase, required to digest the milk sugar, lactose.

However, not all people with dairy difficulties benefit from lactase. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers noted that 64 percent of those with dairy intolerance actually digested lactose.4 This indicates that some other component(s) of dairy, such as the milk protein (casein), may present the challenge.

If lactose causes your digestive difficulties, then a high potency lactase formula may work wonderfully. In addition to 9,500 lactase units, Lacto™ contains 25,000 units of Thera-blend™ protease for casein digestion. No other product delivers such a well-rounded approach to dairy digestion while also including enzymes for the rest of the meal!

If high lactase supplementation has provided less-than-desired results, or lactose-free dairy still causes difficulty, then you may benefit from stronger casein digestion support. If you experience difficulty digesting wheat gluten then you may appreciate the enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) . DPP-4 is in highest concentration in GlutenEase™ and GlutenEase™ 2X (1,000 units per cap) and offers digestive support for both casein and gluten intolerances.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


1 National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases Food Allergy.(2013, August 7). Retrieved April 29, 2014, from www.niaid.nih.gov/topics/foodallergy/Pages/default .aspx. 

2 Bray, R. Food Intolerance Annual Scientific Assembly November 15th, 2006 Retrieved from www.feingold.org/Research/PDFstudies/Bray2006- open.pdf. 

3 National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases Food What is Food Allergy (2010, November 8). Retrieved April 29, 2014,from www.niaid.nih.gov/topics/ foodallergy/understanding/Pages/whatIsIt.aspx. 

4 Rosado, J., Allen, L., & Solomons, N. (1987) Milk consumption, symptom response and lactose digestion in milk intolerance.American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 45,

1457. Retrieved April 29, 2014, from http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/45/6/1457.full.pdf+html.

Essential Formulas Incorporated

1861 Valley View Ln., Ste. 180
Farmers Branch, TX
Phone: (972) 255-3918
Website: www.essentialformulas.com

Award-winning Formulas

Company History

Texas-based Essential Formulas Incorporated (EFI) was established in 2000 as the sole U.S. distributor of world-renowned microbiologist Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira’s award-winning probiotic dietary supplements and skincare products, and in 2013 introduced the innovative line of CHIA OMEGA formulations. Pledging to provide premium all-natural supplements and exceptional customer care, EFI continually strives to lead the industry in customer and retailer education in the use and efficacy of their innovative products.


Dr. Ohhira’s clinically supported and award-winning probiotic formula is fermented for a minimum of three years using twelve strains of LAB (lactic acid bacteria), including the proprietary TH10, which is six times stronger than any other known strain of LAB. Dr. Ohhira’s Formulations include: Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic, Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS, Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Living Oils (vegan certified), Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar and Magoroku Skin Lotion.

Essential Formulas recently introduced the CHIA OMEGA line of omega-3 formulations, an even better omega-3 source than flax or fish. CHIA OMEGA is a pioneering product that combines chia seed oil with synergetic ingredients to help meet specific health goals. The formulas include: CHIA OMEGA + CoQ10 (Vegan), CHIA OMEGA + D3 (Vegetarian), CHIA OMEGA + Enzymes (Vegan) and CHIA OMEGA + EPA & DHA (Vegan).

Research and Quality Assurance 

Essential Formulas Incorporated and BioBank Ltd. (Japan) announced the recent publication of an original research study on the “Safety and Tolerability of Dr. Ohhira’s OM-X Capsules in Healthy Volunteers.” 

The high level of safety and tolerability of Dr. Ohhira’s was confirmed in a recent study published in the October 2013 issue of the Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal (IMCJ), Vol. 12, No5. The trial conforms to a Phase I safety trial and the results are similar to those obtained in a previous unpublished trial of the Dr. Ohhira’s OM-X product, which was conducted outside of the United States.

The findings of the study were confirmed over a one-month period with the participation of 51 healthy men and woman who were given one Dr. Ohhira’s probiotic capsule twice a day for 30 days. “The outcome of this study was no surprise as I have been recommending Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics to my patients for years with exceptional clinical results,” said Fred Pescatore, MD, co-author of the study.

To review the complete published study, visit www.imjournal.com/ index.cfm/fuseaction/archives.main 

Retailer Support 

EFI education staff offers in-store, telephone and web-based trainings for retailers and their employees. An EFI representative is always available during working hours via phone or email to answer questions or address concerns that a retailer or one of their customers may have.

EFI’s website, www.essentialform ulas.com, is a particularly informative resource for up-to-date material on all products, research, articles and relevant probiotic and omega-3 health information.

A quarterly e-newsletter written exclusively for retailers incorporates content related to product discounts; show specials, pertinent company news and useful information applicable to your customers.

Merchandising Materials 

EFI offers a four-color comprehensive catalogue; sell sheets, bag stuffers on each individual products and product samples, including a new 10-pack counter display.

The company also offers complimentary DVDs demonstrating how our products are manufactured as well as informative health tips and segments from our credentialed health care practitioners. All this information and more can also be found 24/7 at www.essentialformulas.com, blog and Facebook.

Merchandising Tips 

Because whole health begins in the gut, Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics can be cross merchandised into several areas in the store other than just the probiotic aisle,e. g., Dr. Ohhira’s increases absorption of calcium.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics does not require refrigeration, so although it can be refrigerated in the store, it can also be placed on the shelf with temperature stable probiotics, which allows the possibility for two facings. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics are vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free for customers with dietary restrictions 

Customer Questions/ Interactions 

The goal and innovation of this product is that it conforms to each and every persons individual gut environment (flora fingerprint) making them healthy enough to nourish and sustain their own good bacteria. Therefore, it should truly work for any customer.

Key Points 

True gut health refers to more than just the health of friendly bacteria. We need to be adamant about keeping the whole gut environment healthy, so both your innate flora and any supplemented flora can happily survive and thrive. Dr. Ohhira’s whole food fermented matrix contains bioavailable compounds that impact true whole gut health!

Garden of Life

5500 Village Ave., Ste. 202
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Phone: (877) 844-6622
Website: www.organicmulti.com

Introducing KIND Organics from Garden of Life

Q: What is KIND Organics from Garden of Life?

A: KIND Organics from Garden of Life is the first and only USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Certified Organic and Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified Multivitamin Line providing whole food vitamins and minerals made from real organic foods. Each formula contains more than 30 certified organic fruits, vegetables and herbs with meaningful nutrient levels and daily values. All formulas are third-party USDA Certified Organic by QCS, third-party verified Non-GMO by the Non- GMO Project, and thirdparty Certified Vegan by Vegan Action.

Q: What makes KIND Organics different from any other multivitamin?

A: KIND Organics is an authentic whole food vitamin, capturing the complexity of food in the convenience of a daily supplement. KIND Organics labels are straightforward and simple: vitamin C from organic amla berry, vitamin B1 from organic guava, and so on. No confusing terminology. Not only is KIND Organics made from real food, it is the first ever Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified multivitamin, which was no easy task! While many other brands of multis list “food-based,” “complexed” or “cultured” ingredients and carry the Non- GMO Project verification logo, none carry both the USDA Organic seal and the Non-GMO Project logo. KIND Organics is different because we start with organic food as our actual source of vitamins and minerals, not USP isolates and synthetics. KIND Organics is not trying to emulate nature because it is nature.

Q: What products are in the line and what is the suggested retail price for KIND Organics Supplements?

A: See chart above.

Q: Why is consuming a USDA Certified Organic multi important?

A: Garden of Life believes that organic ingredients, grown without the use of toxic chemical fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides from natural, non-genetically modified foods are better for you, better for our planet and are the only way to protect our children’s future.

• Organic farming builds better soil for healthier foods

• No toxins—no toxic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

• Clean—clean seeds, planted in clean soil and given clean water

• Non-GMO seed stock preserving our biodiversity

• Better for our health

• Supports the environment

• Protects our waters

Q: What is the Non-GMO Project?

A: The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit multi-stakeholder collaboration committed to preserving and building sources of non- GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.

KIND Organics supplements are third party verified by the Non-GMO Project.

In Summary, the KIND Organics line is:

• Vitamins and minerals from organic food

• USDA Certified Organic

• Non-GMO Project Verified

• Vegan certified

• What customers are looking for

• Targeted age and gender specific

• Great value

• Simply the best multi 

For more information, call (877) 844- 6622 or visit www.organicmulti.com. 

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Natural Vitality

8500 Shoal Creek Blvd., Bldg. 4, Ste. 208
Austin, TX 78757
Toll Free: (800) 446-7462
E-mail: info@naturalvitality.com
Website: www.naturalvitality.com

Stand-out Products

Located in the heart of Austin, TX, Natural Vitality supplies the everincreasing demand for unique supplement formulations in powdered, liquid and capsule form. The company was founded in 1982 with the development of Natural Calm®, the top-selling anti-stress magnesium supplement.

Today, Natural Vitality is an international purpose-driven company. To give you more information and to help you educate customers about Natural Vitality products, here are some key reasons we stand out:

1. Best Selling, Award Winning.

Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm has been the top-selling magnesium supplement in the natural foods industry for eight years running. In this time, we have gained numerous awards from magazines such as Better Nutrition, Taste for Life, Vitamin Retailer and Delicious Living. Natural Calm has been recognized as AKA Approved by celebrity dietitian Ashley Koff, RD, and is also approved by Mommy MD Guides. Unlike many other magnesium supplements, Natural Calm is a highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form; so it’s ready to work right away! Additionally, flavored Natural Calm is made only with certified organic flavors and organic stevia.

Refer customers to Natural Calm who are experiencing symptoms typically associated with cellular-level magnesium depletion, such as stress, headaches, muscle tension, cramps, spasms, low energy, constipation or difficulty sleeping. It is important to let customers know that they need to balance their calcium intake (from supplements and diet) with adequate magnesium. We recommend a roughly 1:1 balance of calcium to magnesium, and our products containing both calcium and magnesium reflect this.

2. Premium-Quality Supplements. Natural Vitality strives to provide premium-quality nutritional support through products such as our naturally chelated plant-sourced minerals and its powerhouse plant-based multi, Organic Life Vitamins. The company’s Kids Natural Calm Multi is nationally the top-selling children’s liquid multi. Made without sugar, it is one of the most comprehensive children’s supplements available. Natural Vitality uses only the best organic fruits and vegetables, organic quinoa protein, organic flavors and organic stevia. All of its products are gluten-free, and many of them are vegetarian or vegan and certified non-GMO (genetically modified organism) through the Non- GMO Project. The company wants the best for its customers!

3. Sales & Free Merchandising.

Natural Vitality’s in-house promotions department produces merchandising items that can be shipped out free of charge: posters, shelf talkers, fliers, handouts, info cards and more. The company also provides free samples of Natural Calm, Natural Calm Plus Calcium and its popular liquid supplements. These can be placed by your supplement aisle, near the checkout or supplied on request. Samples result in a high number of sales and are the perfect way for a consumer to try before buying.

Natural Vitality recently introduced a checkout point-of-purchase display with boxes containing five packs of Natural Calm and a discount coupon.

If there is something special or unique about your store, let the company know and it is willing to work with you to tailor promotions and set up store specials. The company loves a good deal where everyone benefits!Talk to your Natural Vitality sales rep to see what they can do.

4. Sustainable Lifestyle, Healthier Planet. Natural Vitality actively encourages progress toward a healthier Earth, sustainable food system and less stressed lifestyle. A percentage of its product sales goes toward the company’s Natural Revitalization environmental action initiative, now in its seventh year. As part of this program, which supports organic farming and environmental stewardship, Natural Vitality works with such groups as the Bionutrient Food Association, Remineralize the Earth, Center for Food Safety, Organic Farming Research Foundation and Farm Forward, as well as other similar nonprofits. Through our publishing arm, Natural Vitality Publishing, we provide inspiring features, tips and recipes in our Organic Connections magazine and at our online lifestyle site, Natural Vitality Living.

5. Intimate Business Model. Natural Vitality is a leader in the natural products industry and the fastest growing of the top 25 supplement companies, according to a recent industry survey. Despite our growth, our business is based on personal relationships. We look after our retailers and talk to our customers every day. Our business is all about connection and service. If you need us, we’re here.

Nordic Naturals

111 Jennings Dr.
Watsonville, CA 95076
Phone: (800) 662-2544 Fax: (831) 724-6600
Email: info@nordicnaturals.com
Website: www.nordicnaturals.com

The Journey Begins

In 1995, Nordic Naturals’ journey began with a small offering of premium omega oils sold to medical practitioners. Since this was the only way to order Nordic Naturals products, we also offered them to a select number of discerning health food stores. In 2002, as word spread about the high quality and efficacy of its products, the company launched its retail line to answer growing demand by natural health retailers. This brought Nordic Naturals’ industry-leading fish oils to customers at health food stores, vitamin stores, and sports nutrition stores worldwide and helped the company become the recognized brand that it is today.

Large Product Portfolio 

As part of Nordic Naturals’ mission to correct the global omega-3 deficiency, the company now distributes to more than 35 countries and offers more than 200 products in a variety of flavors and formulations for adults, kids, athletes and pets across its retail and professional lines. All products are third-party tested for purity and freshness. Certificates of analysis are available upon request.

Exceptional Freshness from Boat to Bottle 

Foundational to the company’s success, and to the exceptional freshness, stability and efficacy of its products, is Nordic Naturals’ unique boat-to-bottle vertical integration. The company begins its manufacturing process with the end in mind, carefully managing every step in order to deliver the highest quality fish oil.

Green Manufacturing 

All of Nordic Naturals’ omega oils are processed at its state-of-the-art, green manufacturing plant in Tromsø, Norway, above the Arctic Circle. Plant features include:

• Largest investment in biotechnology in Arctic Norway

• Reuses waste energy to produce biodiesel and hydropower

• Provides surplus energy to neighboring businesses

• Wastewater cleaned before returning to the ocean

• Uses 20-30 percent less raw material

• cGMP (current good manufacturing practice)-certified and allergen free

Backed by Research 

To meet its longstanding commitment to deliver the world’s safest, most effective omega oils, Nordic Naturals has always been a research-driven company, with processing technology and product formulations driven by the latest developments in clinical research. Leading research institutions such as Stanford, UCLA, Indiana University, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have chosen Nordic Naturals for their clinical studies. To date, more than 30 original studies using Nordic Naturals products have been published, and more than 30 are in progress.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Nordic Naturals recognizes that our presence is felt from the oceans where it sources its fish, to the communities in which the company processes and distributes its products. Nordic Naturals takes steps to proactively improve the quality of life of its employees, their families, its customers and to preserve the health of the environment and society at large.

Award-Winning Excellence 

Nordic Naturals products have won more than 40 awards for taste, product quality and brand excellence, and many of these have recognized its best-selling omega-3s like classic Arctic Cod Liver Oil™ and concentrated Ultimate Omega®. The company’s Gold Standard Arctic Cod Liver Oil has always been derived from 100 percent wild Arctic cod—no other fish oils or synthetic additives are ever used. It comes in a variety of natural fruit-flavored soft gel and liquid formulations, and with added vitamin D3 for increased nutritional support.

Potency, Absorption 

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega family of products includes its signature omega-3 concentrate—the No. 1 omega-3 in the U.S.—Ultimate Omega, along with variations of this popular formula that offer extra-high potency, added nutrients, smaller soft gels and more. Ultimate Omega is clinically shown to support a healthy heart, and offers better bioavailability than other comparable products on the market, including salmon oil, ethyl ester concentrates and krill oil. Like all Nordic Naturals omega oils, Ultimate Omega is manufactured in the triglyceride molecular form for optimal absorption and results.

Something for Everyone 

One of Nordic Naturals’ newest products reflects its commitment to offer a wide variety of products in order to meet personalized nutritional needs. Omega Boost™ is a creamy, mango-flavored formulation. Each delicious spoonful contains 525 mg of omega-3s. It’s a great option for customers looking for one product for the entire family.

Retailer Support 

Nordic Naturals supports retailers in a variety of ways, including:

• Free and convenient staff training in a fun, interactive, online format

• Educational webinars and in-store and dinner trainings

• In-store demonstrations

• Support for health fairs and storesponsored events

• Cooperative advertising opportunities

• Professionally designed sales displays and collateral materials


North American Herb & Spice

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Phone: (847) 473-4700; (800) 243-5242
Fax: (847) 473-4780
E-mail: info@p-73.com
Website: www.oreganol.com

Innovative Whole Food Supplements

For almost two decades North American Herb & Spice (NAH&S) has provided the worlds finest, most potent whole food supplements. The company began with the invention of the original Mediterraneansourced oil of wild oregano known as Oreganol P73 and expanded from there, making NAH&S the premier source for wild, raw, handpicked, additive-free formulations using the most powerful ingredients this planet has to offer.

NAH&S continues to develop innovative sources for its whole food supplements while maintaining strict ecological methods, fair trade and sustainability. The company’s products are ideal for individuals seeking optimal health and its business ethics are ideal for the planet, environment and communities in which we source. NAH&S it fully dedicated to supplying the highest-quality food that nature has to offer.

Through this dedication, NAH&S brings to you whole food supplements that are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), free of synthetic additives and chemicals and free of dyes and preservatives. The company brings to you only the raw unadulterated power of nature and the unwavering passion of our company’s mission.


Research has proven that wild and organic plants are nutritionally superior to farm-raised conventional foods. The atmosphere in which wild and organic plants grow will always create a far more vital and nutrient-dense food product. These conditions cannot be replicated on a farm or in a laboratory and that is why our company sources only wild-crafted and organic herbs, spices and fruits from their native soils. This is what sets us apart.

Quality Assurance 

NAH&S takes pride in being good manufacturing practice (GMP) certified, chemical-free and ecologically conscious. Every batch that is produced for NAH&S is tested at the time of processing and all finished products are followed up with a certificate of analysis.

In order to render the best nutrition possible from the plant, NAH&S works very closely with the local farmers to ensure peak ripeness at time of harvest. Sustainability is maintained through the prevention of over-harvesting and deterring soil depletion as well as fair trade business practices and economic incentives. The remote lands in which the company harvests its herbs and spices and berries are protected from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and residues of GMOs.

Customer Questions 

Q: What is the difference between Oreganol P73 and SuperStrength Oreganol P73?

A: SuperStrength Oreganol P73 is three times more concentrated than Oreganol P73. The label refers to a 50 mg serving, which accounts for the proprietary blend of wild Mediterranean oregano oil and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Q: What makes wild oregano oil important for daily use?

A: Wild oregano oil, when in a whole food extract form, is crucial in providing the body a delicate balance of phenolic compounds that support a healthy overall system. It is also one of the most potent antioxidants known, helping to support optimal cellular health—everywhere in the body. It is the safest and most ideal herbal antioxidant for everyday use.

Q: Why is Oreganol P73 different from other oregano oils?

A: Oreganol P73 is the only wild oregano oil made from a blend of high-mountain Mediterranean oreganos used throughout history. The oregano used in Oreganol P73 grows more than 12,000 feet above sea level directly out of calcium and magnesium-rich rock. This mineralpacked and ionically-charged soil makes Oreganol P73 the most unique and versatile oregano oil available.Other brands only use Origanum vulgare, which may claim to be Mediterranean but may be falsely labeled. Others also claim to be standardized and boast high carvacrol content, which is only achieved through the addition of synthetic chemicals. Still others are genetically engineered. Oreganol P73 is a whole food extract. Its delicate phenolic balance is unadulterated, and therefore, it is the very same oregano that has been a staple in the diet of those who have known its powers for thousands of years.

Dos & Don’ts 

Do your customers a favor and tell them to take the only, the real, original wild oregano oil—the only one tested and proven safe. A key to customer retention is to provide a product with a truly noticeable benefit. Do create a loyal customer by recommending Oreganol P73. Driven by results, you will provide your customer with good health and the best product for the price. Don’t accept cheap imitations made from GMO oregano, Thymus capitus, or Mexican sage. Do take Oreganol P73 every day: the only wild oregano recommended for daily use.

NOW Foods

244 Knollwood Dr.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
Phone: (630) 545-9098, (888) 669-3663
Fax: (630) 790-8019
E-mail: sales@nowfoods.com
Website: www.nowfoods.com

Providing Value Products & Services

NOW Foods, founded in 1968 by Elwood Richard, has grown to become one of the industry’s largest manufacturers. NOW is still owned and run by the Richard family, who ensure the company fulfills its original mission: to provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. Elwood Richard’s core belief that high-quality health products should not be a luxury available only to the wealthy still shapes the company’s policies today.

People ask how NOW can produce quality products at such reasonable prices, and the answer is surprisingly simple: commitment. Every phase of the manufacturing process, from the purchase and delivery of raw materials, to the packaging and shipping of products, follows strict procedures overseen by an educated, experienced team of experts. NOW’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Illinois and Nevada feature complete quality assurance and quality control systems and processes, and both locations are GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified and “A-rated” by Natural Products Association (NPA).

Thorough testing and meticulous quality assurance ensures that NOW products are screened for contaminants and adulterants, labeled accurately and of the highest possible quality.

NOW’s product categories include dietary supplements, herbs, personal care, natural foods and an array of natural sweeteners. According to SPINS data, NOW is the No.1 selling amino acid brand in the health food channel, and NOW Solutions is No.1 in the Body & Massage Oils category and No. 2 in the Essential Oils category.NOW has won numerous product and company awards from magazines and industry associations.

With more than 1,400 products in its catalog including dietary supplements, personal care products, sports nutrition products and natural foods, NOW is uniquely positioned to meet the comprehensive wellness needs of healthconscious consumers. Product categories include:

• Vitamin & Minerals, Amino Acids and Antioxidants

• Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Immune, Digestive Support Supplements

• Super Green Foods, Fiber and Herb

• Joint, Mobility and Structural Support

• Men’s and Women’s Specialty Supplements

• Sports Nutrition, Weight Management and Protein

• Personal Care, Essential Oils and Anti- Aging Skincare

• Mental Fitness and Neural Support

• Omega-3, Nutritional Oils and EFAs

• Natural Foods, Allergy-Friendly and Gluten-Free Foods, and Teas

• Natural Sweeteners including Sugarless Sugar™ and BetterStevia™, a proprietary whole leaf stevia extract in powders and liquids 

NOW Foods is proud to support the independent health food retailer, and is absolutely dedicated to the success and growth of natural product stores. The company has tailored many aspects of its business model to serve the needs of those retailers, providing them with a diverse selection of sales tools, including retail and consumer catalogs, banners and displays, window signs, shelf talkers and informative literature for retailers and consumers.

One of NOW’s newest resources is the Online Retailer Portal where retailers have one convenient location to place orders, view order history, and download digital product images, labels and marketing collateral. Retailers can also take advantage of the NOW Product-ology online training program. NOW is also one of the very few natural supplement companies to offer free technical support from certified nutritionists.

NOW Foods started out as a food company, and after achieving the goal of becoming the biggest line of supplements in independent health food stores, there is a renewed emphasis on the “Foods” in the company name:

• Living Now™, a new allergy-friendly and gluten-free line of grains, flours and baking mixes excludes eight major allergens (dairy, wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish and shellfish). Made in a dedicated gluten-free, allergy-friendly facility, products are currently on shelves and more products will continue to be introduced.

• Ellyndale Foods, scheduled to launch in the summer of this year, is a line of gourmet natural and organic foods using premium ingredients to create unique and innovative flavors and offerings for a superior taste experience.

• As of January 1, 2014, all NOW Foods BetterStevia, NOW Real Food, NOW Real Tea and Living Now food products are produced free of GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients.

Key Personnel

• Jim Emme, CEO

• Ron Pillsbury, Chief Operations Officer

• Dr. Michael Lelah, Technical Director

• Dan Richard, General Sales Manager

Redd Remedies

211 S. Quincy Ave. Bradley, IL 60915
Phone: (888) 453-5058 Fax: (815) 614-2084
E-mail: orders@reddremedies.com;
Website: www.reddremedies.com

Balanced. Therapeutic. Trusted

These words drive our passion to create holistic, natural health, and wellness solutions. Redd Remedies is committed to providing customers an effective selection of high quality, natural supplements. Redd Remedies®’s line of products works quickly to deliver results and provide meaningful support for the entire body.

Our products are the culmination of years of work, research, and an uncompromising desire to offer the best products to our customers. My family founded the Sunrise Health Food store in 1961 in Roseland, IL, which started our long-standing relationship with the health food industry. We made a promise then that still holds true today to help individuals put their health and lives in order. In 2005, we expanded this promise by launching Redd Remedies—a leading natural health supplements provider and a holistic approach to wellness.

The word “redd” means to “put in order”, which is exactly what we do at Redd Remedies. We help you put your life, as it relates to health, in order. We have formulated 34 products that are made for the body’s overall health and wellness, addressing conditions-specific symptoms, as well as core and peripheral issues. We source the finest quality herbs, vitamins, and minerals from trusted partners around the world and integrate the wisdom from all types of modalities resulting in powerful formulas that work quickly and effectively. Our newest addition to the Redd Remedies family of products zeroes in on four pain targets: joints, muscles, stress, and the brain (Pain T4™), joint friction (Joint Health™, Joint Health™ Advanced and Joint Health™ Soft Chews), and risk of osteoporosis (Bone Health™ and Bone Health™ Advanced) that effectively combines the elements of traditional Asian medicine and philosophies with scientifically supported Western natural medicine creating a versatile approach to promoting overall joint and bone health.

Other natural, gluten-free, conditions- specific Redd Remedies products help address health concerns such as cardiovascular function (Heart Strong™), blood pressure (120/80 Care™), healthy circulation, veins & arteries (Circulation VA™), energy (TrueEnergy™), sleep and anxiety (At Ease PM™), thyroid function (Thyroid Strong™), sinus (Adult Sinus™), sinus blockage and the immune system (SinuZyme™), mood (IN•JOY™), the nervous system (Nerve Shield™), weight management (Crave Stop™), memory and brain function (Brain Awakening™), uric acid (Gouch!™), urinary tract (UT Soothe™ with Probiotics) and respiratory function (Lung Care™).

Going beyond current cGMPs (current good manufacturing practices), Redd Remedies ensures its products conform to the highest natural quality by performing additional testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and gluten. Additionally, Redd Remedies is a proud sponsor of the American Botanical Council, American Herbal Products Association and Natural Products Association.

Our packaging and branding are striking and bold enough to draw interest among customers within each structure/ function set on your shelves. Each individual box includes a clear, definitive product name across the front and individual ingredients statement on the side. We provide a significant opportunity for education to your customers when they pick up one of our products and read all of the information provided on it. These features make Redd Remedies products vivid and stand out on shelf displays.

At Redd Remedies, we value our retailers. As a health food retailer myself, I understand the pressures of running a health food store. We work hard to make partnering with Redd Remedies as one of your preferred brands as easy as possible. Health food retailers are (and have been for many years) changing the misconceptions that Americans have about what is healthy food; teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle—what to eat and why, how to improve their health, how to deal with tough health issues they are facing, and doing it in a way that makes your customers feel cared for.

Thank you for your work!Please let us know how we can help you as you work to ever improve your stores and product offerings.

For more information about Redd Remedies, visit our website at www.reddremedies.com. Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@reddremedies). For training and support, contact us at (888) 453-5058.

RightWay Nutrition

14513 S. Center Point Way, Ste. 100
Bluffdale, UT 84065
Phone: (801) 225-4050
Email: sales@rightwaynutrition.com
Website: www.rightwaynutrition.com

Superior Products to Ensure the Customer Experience


RightWay Nutrition’s mission is to provide superior products to the general consumer base by utilizing clinically studied ingredients in cutting-edge formulations.

Quality assurance is extremely importance to RightWay, with programs implemented to ensure customer experience. The company’s inhouse science team carefully formulates each product using cutting-edge ingredients and original, proprietary formulations. Before a product is taken to shelves, it is tested and inspected for quality. RightWay’s design and science team also work closely together to make instructions for use and ingredient labels easy to understand for consumers.

In addition, RightWay chooses partners for manufacturing that practice good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and function at a superior level. Ingredients are clean and are obtained from the source. (For example, RightWay Nutrition’s best-selling Garcinia Cambogia is sourced from India, in order to provide the most effective product possible for customers.)It is important to RightWay to offer the best possible option for customers.

Here are just some of the incredible products RightWay has to offer, with even more on the horizon for 2015:

• Pro Balance™ 10-20-30 is a customizable, pro-biotic formulation, designed to offer far-reaching benefits for any body type. With 10 billion CFU’s of active organisms per capsule, designed to be taken in various doses to meet each individual’s needs.

• Fruit and Veggie VITS provide nutrition and vitamins for the whole family. With your daily dose of fruit and vegetables in one tasty chewable, RightWay Nutrition’s Fruit and Veggie VITS are a convenient way to give all members of the family their nutrients.

• RightWay Nutrition’s Pulse is a comprehensive heart health product, providing nutritional support for cardiovascular function. With all-natural ingredients, Pulse supports the heart with vital nutrients and may even help to mildly lower blood pressure.

• Lipo-Shear is a one of a kind product, combining two separate formulations that work together to promote results. Each formulation is specifically designed to work for that time of the day, giving you 24/7 metabolic support.

To learn more about RightWay’s incredible product offering, visit www.rightwaynutrition.com

Superior Source

4510 S. Boyle Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90058
Phone: (800) 421-6175 Fax: (323) 589-6667
E-mail: information@superiorsourcevitamins.com
Website: www.superiorsourcevitamins.com

Superior Absorption

• Dissolves in seconds under the tongue

• No pills to swallow

• Ongoing sample program

Featuring Under the Tongue Technology 

Superior Source MicroLingual® tablets are recognized as the only true softmolded instant release dietary supplements on the market today. Our proprietary methods utilize low pressure hydromolecular (LPH) technology to create tablets that dissolve immediately under the tongue, resulting in quick and direct absorption. Superior Source provides a diverse line of vitamins, minerals, and herbal formulas to support your customer’s health in every way.

Founder Ron Beckenfeld began distributing natural dietary products in1969. Today, our company continues to grow with over 120 products now available.

MicroLingual Tablets are Perfect for B-12 Delivery!

Superior Source instant dissolve MicroLingual dissolve immediately under the tongue, resulting in quick and direct absorption. Held under the tongue, nutrients are absorbed directly into the body, resulting in an immediate B-12-vitamin boost. This concept is vital for vitamin B-12 supplementation.

Superior Source Ensures the Quality of its Products 

Superior Source’s products are produced in a cGMP (current good manufacturing practice)- compliant 100,000-squarefoot manufacturing facility; its high standards and have earned the trust of the natural products community. The company’s proprietary methods involve using Low pressure hydromolecular (LPH) technology to create its unique, instant dissolving tablets.

What Sets Superior Source Products Apart From the Competition?

Superior Source is the only source of soft molded instant release tablets; offering a diverse line of vitamins, minerals, and herbal formulas. The company’s trade secret MicroLingual delivery system with its soft molded tablets dissolve immediately, resulting in quick and direct absorption.

Requiring binders to hold them together, compressed tablets also contain needless fillers and excipients that leave less room for the active ingredient. That ulti¬mately means consumers have to take more of them (or swallow a larger pill) to get the same amount of actives found in a Superior Source MicroLingual tablet.

Superior Source’s soft molded MicroLingual tablets contain no excipients and rely on a small amount of acacia gum to hold them together. That results in a much more concentrated product about a tenth the size and weight of an equivalent standard swallowed tablet.

The company’s MicroLingual delivery system is ideal for a wide range of health goals including: heart health, energy and stress support, antioxidant support, healthy blood glucose, healthy sleep cycles, women’s and men’s health, and infant and children’s health.

Retailer Support/Ongoing Sample Program 

Superior Source provides retailers with individual samples on an ongoing basis with every order. These product samples are very effective for demonstrating the MicroLingual delivery system in-store. Customers get to immediately experience the product. The program quickly builds brand-loyalty. The company encourages sales staff and store owners to try the samples as well. Firsthand experience is the best sales tool.

Superior Source also provides comprehensive training, educating retail staff to explain the difference between our MicroLingual tablets and other product lines. The company explains the unique advantage of this delivery method.

What Does the Future Hold for Superior Source?

The company sees a bright future for its versatile product line and the ease of use of its products. The MicroLingual system is ideal for everyone who hates to swallow pills and completely eliminates the need for messy liquids or sprays. MicroLingual products are extremely well suited for children, and the elderly. Superior Source products do not need refrigeration and do not require water to swallow. The company sees these as major advantages going into a future where ease of supplementation is a critical factors for health and wellness.

Topical BioMedics, Inc.

6565 Spring Brook Ave. PMB #207
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Phone: (800) 959-1007 Fax: (845) 876-0818
Website: www.topricin.com

Natural Relief for Pain

Celebrating 20 years in business and designated as a Certified B Corporation, Topical BioMedics is the research and development leader in topical patented natural biomedicines for pain relief. The company’s mission is to provide a 21st Century approach to healing pain, reducing chemical dependency, reversing the nation’s pain killer addiction epidemic, and empowering people who once suffered to rediscover the joy of doing the things they love with the people they love.

The company’s flagship product, Topricin® Pain Relief and Healing Cream, was introduced in 1994 and is now a leading natural therapeutic brand. A combination biomedicine formula, Topricin is the only natural topical product ever to be awarded a patent for the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia and neuropathy, and was listed among the Top 100 Green Products of 2012 by Healthy Holistic Living.

Because healing is the ultimate source of pain relief … All Topricin products are made in America and formulated with cellular biomedicines (homeopathic) that balance the body’s healing chemistries for optimum pain relief.

All formulas:

• Are free of parabens, petroleum, counter-irritants and other chemicals

• Are odorless and greaseless, with a soothing, nourishing base of natural vegetable oils

• Have no side effects

• Will not interfere with any other medications

• Reduce the need and/or dependency for all classifications of oral pain medication

• Are safe for diabetics

• Provide ideal pain relief for the entire family

• Offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee

• Enjoy a 99 percent customer retention rate

• Have the strongest word of mouth in the industry 

Bridging the gap between conventional care and natural medicine, Topricin is mandatory treatment protocol at a number of world-class medical centers for trauma injury/post-surgery patients … with doctors referring their patients to local retailers to purchase for at-home use.

The Topricin Family of Safe, Effective, Natural Healing Formulas Topricin Pain Relief & Healing Cream (3/4-oz. “Try Me” tube, 2-oz. Tube, 4-oz.

Jar, 8-oz. Flip-top bottle) Superior for:

• Joint, muscle & nerve pain

• Carpal tunnel & hand injuries

• Shingles

• Fibromyalgia

• Neuropathy (diabetic and chemoinduced)

• Headaches

• Post-surgical pain

• Scar tissue management

• Injection site pain

• Reducing risk of injury before workouts, improving recovery after workouts 

Topricin Foot Therapy Cream (2-oz. Tube, 4-oz.

Jar, 8-oz. Flip-top bottle) Superior for:

• Neuropathy (burning pain) of the feet and legs

• Plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and other foot ailments

• Ankle pain, shin splints, muscle/leg cramps

• Skin conditions of the feet (dryness, cracking, itching)

• Post-surgical trauma

• Scar tissue management

• Ideal for diabetics 

Topricin for Children (1.5-oz. tube) 

Superior for:

• Growing pains

• Muscle aches, spasms, cramps

• First aid, insect bites, minor burns

• Bumps, bruises, contusions

• Sports/impact and falling injuries

• Injection site pain

• Eczema, itchy skin, heat rash

• All the boo boos of life Let’s teach our children there’s a better, safer way to treat pain!

Five percent of all Topricin for Children sales donated to pediatric cancer foundations.

How Topricin Works 

Pain is the message center of the body’s healing process telling us it wants to repair/heal damaged cells or inflamed tissue. When Topricin is applied to the affected area, it stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins and fluids from the site of pain, normalizing oxygen-rich blood flow to the cells and ultimately enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Ongoing Marketing Support

• Store Training Program

• Sampling (for customers & special events/health fairs)

• Product demos

• Consumer brochure with coupon

• Store coupons (manufacturers rebate)

• Lifestyle Flyers with coupons upon request

• Custom flyer for your community events upon request

• Videos: informative, testimonial, promotional

• Radio ads & guest interviews with principals

• Print ads

• Internet/Social Media/Viral Marketing

• In-House PR/Marketing Experts

• www.topricinstores.com store locator 

For in-store, webinar, or phone training, contact Richard Cividanes, national sales education director: richard@topricalbiomedics.Com.

Topricin: Changing the way we understand and treat pain.

UAS LifeSciences

555 N. 72nd Ave.
Wausau WI 54401
Phone: (800) 422-3371 Fax: (715) 848-3121
Email: info@uaslabs.com
Website: www.up4probiotics.com

How to Advise Customers on Choosing Probiotics

Probiotic users that experience a health improvement become loyal to both the product and the retailer. However, health benefits vary considerably and it is difficult for the average person to understand which ones to choose.

1. Probiotic benefits start with the strain of bacteria used in the formula.

Probiotic scientists make selections based upon:

a. Ability to stay alive to reach their final destination in the digestive tract. Many probiotic bacteria are very fragile and are killed during production, distribution and storage. If an organism can only last a couple of months on the shelf or cooler, there will be no health benefits. How does the retailer know which ones will last? Work with a manufacturer who you know will test and study their formulas not only during production but also over the entire period of storage. Specialists in this field know which strains last and which don’t and use those that have inherent “toughness.”

b. Probiotic strains vary considerably in their ability to withstand stomach acid and bile. They must be able to get through the stomach and upper intestines in order to provide health benefits. Work with manufacturers that use scientific studies and have the experience to select strains with the inherent ability to survive.

C. Health and safety benefits can be studied in advance. Initial screenings for health benefits are done in the laboratory and clinical studies can help confirm these benefits. Customer experience is one of the best predictors of health benefits. Probiotics that have a history of safety and performance are a great place to start. Many probiotics include strains from Lactobacillus sp. And Bifidobacterium sp. These groups of bacteria have a long history of safe use and have been used for centuries in fermentations of health-enhancing foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi and others.

Probiotic strains that are scientifically backed and clinically tested make good probiotics. UAS LifeSciences’ chief scientific officer, Dr. Greg Leyer, has years of experience working with the leading scientists all over the world in the field of probiotics and personally formulates all of the UP4 products.

2. Work with a good manufacturer

a. Production of quality probiotics takes both art and science. It takes years of work to understand just the perfect conditions to maintain probiotic viability during the production, packaging and storage process. It also requires special conditions in the plant to enhance the life of the bacteria. UAS LifeSciences has just completed a state-of –the-art addition to the company’s production facility in Wausau, WI.

B. Quality testing is a key to good probiotics. The quality process is critical to producing live organisms that are free from outside contamination. At UAS LifeSciences, the company’s quality manager, with medical device experience, has implemented a quality process that is one of the most rigorous in the industry.

3. UP4 Probiotics are formulated and manufactured by UAS LifeSciences (formerly UAS Laboratories), a company with more than 35 years of experience in the field of probiotics. All of the formulas contain the probiotic strain, Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1, one of the most successful probiotic strains ever discovered. Other strains are selected for their inherent “toughness” and potential to provide health benefits. The products include: UP4

Acidophilus—still one of the biggest sellers in the field of probiotics; UP4 Daily—a perfect combination of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium and great bargain for most healthy adults; UP4 Adult—four strains of probiotics at a higher potency for the adult who wants the best; UP4 Senior—higher potency probiotics with a clinically studied Bifidobacterium (B. Lactis HN019) for the changing digestive system everyone experiences with aging; UP4 Ultra—the company’s highest potency probiotic at 50 billion CFU/dose and seven strains of probiotics for special situations requiring more potency; UP4 Women’s with probiotic strains found in a healthy vaginal tract and certified organic cranberry with validated proanthocyanidin content to support urinary tract health; UP4 Junior—formulated for pre-schoolers with multiple clinical studies backing the formulation; UP4 Green—probiotics plus organic Spirulina and KIDS CUBES – great tasting chewables for the kid in all of us.

UP4 probiotics are supported by a robust social media program, consumer advertising, coupons and instore demos. Try them yourself and find out why many consumers are switching to probiotics that work.

Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd.

23501 Madero Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: (949) 855-2776; 800-421-2998
Fax: (949) 458-2764
Email: krios@wakunaga.com
Website: www.kyolic.com

Probiata Critical Care 50B

What is Probiata Critical Care?

Probiata™ Critical Care is a unique once-per-day formula that contains a live, highly effective, pure strain probiotic. Each high-potency capsule provides 50 billion colony forming units (CFUs) and is specifically designed to support a healthy bacterial balance during and after periods of gastrointestinal (GI) stress. This very highpotency, pure probiotic, taken onceper- day can fortify your digestive system, ease intestinal discomfort and help reduce gas, diarrhea, constipation and bloating.*

What make Probiata Critical Care unique?

Unlike other high-potency probiotic supplements, which contain multiple strains of bacteria that have not been studied in combination or high potencies, Probiata Critical Care contains a proprietary strain of Lactobacillus known as LP299V (Lactobacillus plantarum 299v). The subject of more than 75 studies, LP299V is one of the beneficial bacteria isolated from human intestinal mucosa. Because of this, LP299V is capable of surviving exposure to stomach acid, as well as resisting the effect of bile acids in the small intestines. Research also shows that this unique probiotic strain readily adheres to the cells that line the intestinal wall where it proliferates and forms a protective barrier against harmful microbes.* 

How does Probiata Critical Care work?

The friendly bacteria naturally found in the gut ensure proper digestion and fortify the immune system. However, without the right type of bacterial support, this system becomes less efficient as we age. A poor diet, stress, and many prescription and overthe- counter drugs—especially antibiotics, birth control pills, and proton pump inhibitors—contribute to a bacterial imbalance. When this happens, harmful bacteria can run rampant, multiplying like wildfire and ultimately causing sluggish digestion and other health problems. Studies suggest that low levels of friendly bacterial may contribute to a number of digestive disorders, including constipation, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). They have also been implicated in several types of yeast infections.* 

In human trials, LP299V has been shown to improve the status of intestinal mucosa, reduce the incidence of diarrhea triggered by antibiotic use, decrease abdominal bloating and discomfort in people with IBS, and help to relieve gas. LP299V was also found to support a healthy inflammatory response in the gut. Since poor gastrointestinal health can undermine the quality of life, compromise immunity, prevent efficient detoxification, and contribute to a wide variety of systemic health conditions, taking Probiata Critical Care can fortify your digestive system so it can more readily tackle the digestive challenges of everyday life.* 

Who should take Probiata Critical Care?

Anyone concerned with maintaining a health bacterial balance for optimal digestive function. This is especially true for those who may have a compromised GI environment due to recent antibiotic use, a poor diet, travel, or extreme stress. Probiata Critical Care helps defend against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating.* 

How do I take Probiata Critical Care?

The recommended dosage is one capsule with a meal daily.

Xlear Inc.

PO Box 1421
American Fork, UT 84003
Phone: (877) 599-5327 Fax: (801) 492-8011
Email: sales@xlear.com
Website: www.xlear.com

Revolutionizing Xylitol

Our History 

Since 1999, Xlear Inc. has developed the most innovative and diverse range of xylitol-based products in the world. The company’s priority has always been providing consumers with affordable, all-natural and top-quality products.
In June of 2000, it launched the company’s first commercially available product, Xlear Sinus Care Spray® and have grown to be recognized as the industry leader.

Alonzo H. Jones, DO, a family physician in west Texas, now retired, was trying to find a solution for the people coming to see him for upper respiratory issues. He studied the research pointing to the benefits of xylitol for improving oral health and its effects on bacteria. He noted that upper respiratory problems had been steadily increasing since the early 1970s, owing to environmental factors that included poorly conceived drug therapy and growing antibiotic resistance. He also understood that most upper sinus and respiratory problems were linked to chronic, inadequate nasal hygiene. Studies show that 90 percent of moisture and bacteria enter through the nose. He set out to find a preventative treatment to address these growing problems. The solution was Xlear.

In simple non-medical terms, clinical studies show that oral xylitol administered in syrup and chewing gum reduces tooth decay and also reduces the incidence of ear infections by 80 and 42 percent respectively. Studies also indicate that bacteria found in the nose and mouth ingest xylitol but cannot metabolize it, which prevent the production of harmful byproducts. Further studies show that when xylitol is present, the ability of bacteria to adhere to nasal tissue is decreased by 50-68 percent; the chance of infection is reduced by xylitol because the bacteria cannot stay in the nasal passage as easily.

Based on this research, Xlear Sinus Care® product formulation began and clinical studies followed with the product introduced to the market in June of 2000.


Since that time, the number of people using Xlear products including Xlear Sinus Care Spray to help lead healthier lives has skyrocketed. Scores of people evangelize the products based on their own experience, and growing numbers of dentists, pediatricians, ear, nose and throat specialists, and other health practitioners are recommending Xlear® to their patients. Recognizing the dental benefits of xylitol, in May of 2003, Xlear launched the Spry Dental Defense System®, a family of dental products containing oral xylitol for improved oral health. Xlear also distributes XyloSweet, a xylitol sweetener used as a sugar substitute in cooking, baking and general consumption.

Xylitol is revolutionizing oral health, upper respiratory health, diabetic and sugar-free diets; and has been the focus of more than 2,500 published clinical and laboratory studies. These studies span more than 40 years and support a wide range of benefits. Every ingredient used to make all of the items in the Xlear product line (including the Xlear Sinus Care Line, Spry Dental Defense products, XyloSweet® products and SparX® candies) are gluten free and derived from non-GMO sources. Each complies with all E.U. and U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements regarding gluten and allergens. Additionally, Xlear’s products do not contain any milk fat, milk protein, glucose or sucrose.

Research and Quality 

Xlear products are created solely with pharmaceutical-grade xylitol, meaning a product with more than 99 percent pure xylitol. Independent studies by outside groups are performed to confirm the quality analysis we receive with every shipment, and the results have thus far shown 100 percent conformity. Furthermore, the company’s supply partners adhere to strict standards in purity, cleanliness and manufacturing.

Xlear is the pioneer in xylitol extraction and processing and has invested more than $1 million in research, moving away from the highly-acidic treatments (hydrochloric and sulfuric) currently used throughout the industry, to milder, more organic and safer methods that rely on malic, lactic and, eventually, citric and ascorbic acids. The company also uses non-GMO (genetically modified organism) corn stems and cobs (no kernels), instead of earlier sources of xylitol such as birch trees. The xylitol is chemically and molecularly identical from both sources, and Xlear’s method supports family farmers by enabling them to get value from their crop byproducts, rather than contribute to deforestation. It does not contain any of the corn grain, and it is tested to ensure that no corn allergens, mycotoxins, or corn proteins of any type are in the product.

Customer FAQs 

What is xylitol?

• It’s an all-natural sweetener that occurs in most fruits, vegetables, and plants. It’s even produced by the human body.

• Looks and tastes like sugar

• 40 percent fewer calories and none of the negative tooth decay or insulin release effects of sugar

• Glycemic index of 7 compared to sugar’s 83

• FDA approved since 1963 in unlimited quantity and safe for use by anyone concerned with overconsumption of sugar or for those on a sugar controlled diet I’ve heard of xylitol being used in gum, but why in a nasal spray?

• To promote sinus health by gently cleansing, soothing and moisturizing

• To safely remove airborne contaminants, dust and other irritants

• Recommended by ear, nose and throat doctors; allergists, pediatricians, and other health care professionals worldwide

• All-natural with no side-effects

• Safe and effective for all ages