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Women’s Health Worsened in Past Two Decades: Study

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If you needed more of a reason to more assertively court and market to women, a new study from Sweden shows that women need you, natural health retailers, more than ever: since 1990, overall, women’s health has worsened while men’s health has improved.

Swedish researchers have investigated health trends in women and men aged 25 to 34, between 1990 and 2014. Key finding: in 1990, 8.5 percent of women said their health was worse than their age-group peers and this percentage rose sharply to 20 percent in 2014. This study was published in PLOS ONE (November, 2017)

“In recent years, public debate has raised the issue of increased illness and sick leaves among women. Our study now shows, for the first time, that there are corresponding health trends also among young women,” says co-author Annika Forssén, researcher at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, general practitioner.

According to the study authors, among possible causes for this negative health trend among young women may be increased risk of burnout and stress.

Lidström, et al. “Time trends of comparative self-rated health in adults aged 25-34 in the Northern Sweden MONICA study, 1990-2014.” PLOS ONE, 2017; 12 (11): e0187896 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0187896


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