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Twinlab Acquires Reserveage Nutrition


Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc., (TLCC) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Twinlab Consolidation Corporation (TCC) has exercised its option for the right to acquire Boca Raton, Florida-based Organic Holdings LLC, distributor of the nutritional supplement brand, Reserveage Nutrition.

The transaction will bring together two highly recognized leaders in the dietary supplement industry and their combined strengths will position each company with new growth opportunities, while strengthening the dietary supplement industry as a whole, according to a press release on prnewswire.com.

Each company has different products tailored for the health-conscious consumer, and sell well-known brands through retail, online and global distribution channels.

“Bringing our two companies together in partnership will build a strong foundation where creative and collaborative nutritional problem solving will shape the future of our industry standards. This combination will enable us to broaden our global reach, invest in new offerings and better service both our customers and consumers who rely on our products,” Naomi Whittel, chief executive officer of Reserveage Nutrition, said.

“Furthermore,” Whittel continued, “we believe that by combining resources, we will be in a better position to execute our growth strategy and build scale on a global basis. While our company has enjoyed great success over the past several years, we will greatly benefit from Twinlab’s 47-years of industry leadership and experience and world-wide sales platform.”

Reserveage Nutrition is an innovator and market leader in the premium beauty from within and Resveratrol supplement categories. Reserveage Nutrition’s family of health supplement brands has earned more than 25 awards in recognition of the innovation it has brought to the natural products industry, according to the press release.

TCC’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Tolworthy said, “The merging of our like-minded companies brings together two organizations that share common core values, similar cultures, and a shared vision about the future of the health and wellness sector.”

“We believe this transaction to be in the best interests of our shareholders, both near- and long-term, and look forward to reporting on our progress as a combined entity once the deal is finalized,” Tolworthy said.

For more information, visit www.prnewswire.com or www.twinlab.com.

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