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TuneUpDocs Program Introduces a New Paradigm for Medical “Checkups”


Having a regular health checkup may be a good idea, but it’s tied to an outmoded approach to wellness. Looking to see if you have “it” yet —“it” being some deadly disease. In reality, checkups rarely offer anything that actually helps a person feel better. Research published over the last 2 years has even suggested that most health care screening tests, with the exception of checking blood and eye pressure, diabetes and colonoscopy, may cause more harm than good. In this light, it’s the perfect time to evolve from doing “check-ups” to “TuneUps.”

TuneUpDocs, developed by board certified internist Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, was at the opening of Natural Products Expo East in the Baltimore Convention Center in September.

“TuneUpDocs revolutionizes the standard approach to health care by expanding the medical toolkit and providing scientifically proven, effective ways to optimize and maintain health, improving quality of life and longevity,” said Teitelbaum, author of seven books including From Fatigued to Fantastic! and the Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! series. “Comprehensive medicine is the cornerstone of our program—which means incorporating the best of conventional and alternative medicine to optimize health. So people can die very young—but very late in life.” 

TuneUpDocs starts with a free, five to 10-minute online health quiz, which is used to create a personalized, comprehensive road map for overall health. TuneUpDocs provides individualized recommendations and health tips that will leave people feeling young and healthy, at any age. People can incorporate most of these recommendations on their own.  The program will also provide the names of TuneUpDocs-trained health care practitioners nationwide.

For more information, visit www.tuneupdocs.com.

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