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An innovative ingredient will be showing up in some natural and clean-label skin care supplements and topical products for retailers’ shelves. In 2017, supplier Monteloeder USA of Florida launched NutroxSun with the company’s Health 3.0 technology platform for brand marketing partners to use, drawing consumers into stores that sell products containing the ingredient. Monteloeder has developed two powerful tools to interact with consumers as well as guiding customer experience consuming NutroxSun by using their smartphones:

• Tool 1: Real Time Personalized Contextual Marketing is a platform that sends personalized messages based on context and personal information in the initial stages of the Customer Journey (Awareness, Research & Decision, Pre-purchase).

• Tool 2: A complete mobile platform, which includes an app that helps the consumers manage their consumption of NutroxSun, as well as the resources and tools to gather customer information and analyze the effects of the product and detect new health ingredient needs.

“It is now the norm for consumers to interact with their smartphones and tablets for all aspects of their lives,” commented Dr. Arturo Lizón-Nordström, CEO, Monteloeder. “It makes sense for a consumer health product brand to be a companion, an educational advisor that allows them to engage more intimately with the health products they consume, as well as the experiences and results those health ingredients and brands promise.”

NutroxSun is a blend of Mediterranean citrus and rosemary extracts that has been clinically shown to protect against UV radiation (sun exposure). Specifically, the clinical studies have shown: it enables prolonging safe sun exposure by up to 56 percent, speeds recovery of sun over-exposure and reduces skin redness from 72 hours to 25 hours, increases skin’s elasticity by up to 9 percent, and reduces wrinkle depth by up to 15 percent. NutroxSun can also be included in topical products to provide additional benefits.


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