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Redd Remedies Continues Support to Autism Hope Alliance (AHA)


‹More than 3.5 million Americans live with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), a general term for complex disorders of brain development that can be associated with intellectual disability, difficulties in motor coordination and attention and physical health issues.

On top of its physical and mental challenges, autism can cause financial stress as well, averaging a family $60,000 per year to care for an autistic child. Realizing these challenges, Redd Remedies (Bradley, IL) ‹a developer of health and wellness supplements and products, ‹continues its partnership with nonprofit Autism Hope Alliance (AHA) and supports its programs in providing immediate help to children with autism and other neurological difficulties.

“As a health and wellness company, we are highly supportive of programs that provide care and support to people who are challenged by health conditions such as autism,” said Dan Chapman, founder and CEO, Redd Remedies. “We are proud to partner and support Autism Hope Alliance in extending our mission to help families and people put their health in order.”

Autism Hope Alliance is the first non-profit foundation for autism to emerge from the natural foods industry and reports that the foundation embodies hope for families dealing with the diagnosis of autism through education, financial support and volunteerism.

Kristin Selby Gonzalez, president of Autism Hope Alliance, said the alliance is honored to partner with and gain support from Redd Remedies. “Redd Remedies offers condition-specific and natural products that I feel comfortable to use and endorse. It is not only a company that makes exceptional products, but a company that has a generous heart for the autism community,” said Selby Gonzalez.

With Redd Remedies as its sponsor, AHA is currently preparing for its next four conferences that include:

  • The TACA Real Help Now West Coast Conference: October 3-4 in Costa Mesa, CA
  • The Autism Education Summit: October 17-19 in Dallas, TX
  • The TACA Real Help Now Mid West Conference: November 8 in St. Paul, MN
  • The National Autism Conference: November 13-16 in St. Pete Beach, FL

While supporting an individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can be overwhelming, AHA and Redd Remedies are working together to ensure that families have access to the help and resources that they need, according to the organizations.

For more information, visit www.reddremedies.com. 


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