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Nature’s Path Launches TV & Marketing Campaign

Phase 2

Nature’s Path, North America’s largest organic cereal company, is launching a major marketing campaign inviting consumers to enjoy their path to healthy living. With the theme, #OnMyPath, the Company’s new campaign is comprised of two phases with the first kicking off with a national, US TV spot and chance to win one of three national park adventure tours celebrating the National Park Service Centennial and supporting the National Park Foundation. Phase two of the #OnMyPath campaign unveils May 2016.

“Core to our company and brand is about eating well and doing good,” said Darren Mahaffy, vice president of marketing for Nature’s Path. “Our #OnMyPath campaign recognizes that many of our consumers have a personal direction or journey of improving their life or the life of others, and how Nature’s Path supports them along each step with nutritious, organic food.”

The TV concept, led by Macias Creative in partnership with Relsen+, attempts to tell a story that touches consumers with honesty, simplicity and a sense of personal exploration, according to the company.

“The foundation of Nature’s Path brand naturally lends itself to creating a campaign that is genuine. #OnMyPath creates a platform for consumers to not only enjoy, but to share their path experiences—real, organic experiences which highlights what our brand is all about,” Mahaffy added.

“We wanted to go back to basics focusing on a relatable message based on making healthy choices for yourself and for those you care about,” said Marcos Macias, chief creative officer. “Our #OnMyPath campaign allows us to share authentic, real life moments representing how many consumers live day-to-day.”

Executive Creative Director Christian Reslen added, “Nature’s Path is about leaving the earth better than you found it and that is how we feel about #OnMyPath. Our creative approach was to create an authentic and organic feel that aligns with exactly what Nature’s Path represents. This is fresh. This is real. This is what life is about.”

During the first phase of the #OnMyPath campaign, the TV spot is complemented with a nationwide contest with the focus of exploration. Through a partnership with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, consumers have the chance to win 1 of 3 national park adventures. With over 400 locations to select, the path to explore is for the consumer to choose. Entry is through five million specially marked boxes of Nature’s Path cereal and granola, such as Pumpkin Flax Granola. The contest, created by BStreet, is open from February 8 to May 2, 2016.

As #OnMyPath unveils throughout 2016, consumers will continue to have opportunities to explore and share their path experiences through retail, digital and live event experiences.

For more information, www.naturespath.com/contest.

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