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MegaFood Bares It All With Gummy Vitamin Initiative

Phase 2

Manufacturer MegaFood  announced it will create a new line of gummy style supplements—while the world watches every step of the process. This MegaFood “Gummy Bare All” initiative will chronicle the complete development process from concept to finish, including successes, challenges and even failures. Additionally, customers will have the opportunity to not only follow in real-time the evolution of the products from conception to market, but will also be able to directly weigh in on key product decisions along the way.

“Our mission at MegaFood is to improve lives,” said Robert Craven, MegaFood CEO, “and with that comes a responsibility to offer the unique product solutions our customers are seeking. Nearly half of the population has trouble swallowing tablets, so it’s incredibly important for us to be able to offer our premium nutrition in various forms to provide them a choice. We thought this would be a great way to involve our customers on our journey to bring a gummy to market that meets the MegaFood promise.”

MegaFood has created a landing page, www.megafood.com/gummybare, to chart the entire process via regular updates, live videos and more to show how the supplements are being created while giving customers the opportunity to co-create the product by directly weighing in on key product decisions along the way. This first-hand look into the inner workings of the company is part of MegaFood’s broader transparency initiative, Big T Transparency, announced officially in 2015, but really a guiding pillar of how the company has always operated.

The MegaFood Gummy Bare All new product initiative is committing to the following in full transparency:

  • Monthly Interactive Updates (via Facebook Live): Every month, customers can tune in for a project update directly from Stacey Gillespie, director of innovation at MegaFood and lead developer for the gummy product development. These updates will also often serve as an opportunity for customers to vote on certain elements of the new gummy products, and ask questions of MegaFood team members in real-time.
  • Customer Liaison Panel: MegaFood is seeking customers to occasionally join the team in their Manchester, NH facilities to participate on the front lines and ensure that customers have meaningful access to the latest developments. With no prior experience or bias, these liaisons will represent the brand’s target customer and be given the chance to be closely involved in many aspects of the project. Travel for participants outside of driving range to company headquarters will be provided by MegaFood.
  • Customer Virtual Panel: MegaFood will also select 15 to 20 customers to serve on a virtual advisory panel, who will have the opportunity to provide input into product decisions, and help represent the larger public in determining what decisions will be put to public vote in the live monthly updates.

For more information, visit www.megafood.com.


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