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There are some exciting developments emanating from manufacturers of EFA supplements that are certainly intriguing.

Cheryl Myers, Chief of Education and Scientific Affairs at EuroPharma, reports that up until now, its Vectomega was always available as a tablet. However, this autumn, the supplement will also be available in a capsule form, “which we’re very excited about, and we believe that customers will be too, because there is now another option for those who dislike tablets and prefer capsule formulations.”

Vectomega is an omega-3 supplement sourced from salmon; it contains salmon extract omega 3 fatty acids in their bioidentical form. According to Myers it’s naturally bound to phospholipids, which act as the transport mechanism for the omega-3s, and also provides heart and brain benefits of their own; and provides active peptides, which some research suggests also provide anxiety-reducing benefits. “What makes Vectomega unique— and enhances its benefits — is the way it is made: it uses a patented process for omega-3 extraction, just water and enzymes immediately following the catch, no intensive heat or harsh solvents are allowed to damage or alter the natural omega-3s,” Myers describes.

Over at Nordic Naturals, Education Manager Monique Wellise reveals that the company’s latest products “have focused on filling gaps in the market where there is demand for a certain level of potency, flavor, delivery form, or verification, but that isn’t quite being met. To address this, we now offer a new ultra-concentrated omega-3 product: Ultimate Omega 2X. It’s a higher-potency, per-serving concentrate than any other omega-3 soft gel on the market. It’s ideal for people whose doctors recommend 2 grams of EPA/DHA daily, or who simply want more omegas in fewer soft gels.”

Also new from Nordic Naturals are two products for pre- and post-natal care. Strawberry Prenatal DHA is the same formulation as the company’s existing prenatal omega-3 product, but in a palate-pleasing natural strawberry flavor. Postnatal Omega-3 responds to research that shows the need for not only DHA, but also EPA—especially for mood health—after giving birth. Both are official products of the American Pregnancy Association.

New for retailers’ sports/fitness supplement department, Wellise adds, is the addition of the NSF Certified for Sport label on packaging. She explains, “We’ve observed an increased number of athletes and active adults who want greater certainty that their supplements are safe. Nordic Naturals NSF Certified products include our existing Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport, along with new Nordic CoQ10 Ubiquinol Sport, and new Nordic Probiotic Sport.”

More combination supplements are gaining interest for specific targeted support. For example, Jolie Root, Senior Nutritionist and Educator at Carlson Laboratories, said that vitamin D and omega-3 could work together to improve cognitive function and social behavior with particular relevance for those with certain mental challenges, according to research.

“This synergy of omega-3 and vitamin D can be explained in part by their effects on the serotonin system: vitamin D regulates serotonin synthesis, EPA influences serotonin release, and DHA improves membrane embedded serotonin receptor accessibility,” researchers conclude in a study published in The FASEB Journal (Feb. 2015). [Patrick, R. & Ames, B., “Vitamin D and the omega-3 fatty acids control serotonin synthesis and action, part 2: relevance for ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia, and impulsive behavior.” The FASEB Journal fj.14-268342. Published online Feb. 24, 2015.]

For an interesting take on the top 10 EFA supplements for 2015, visit http://top10supplements.com/best-essential-fatty-acids-2015.


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