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Bio Minerals NV was founded specifically to commercialize ch-OSA, a complex containing choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid, Biosil’s active ingredient created at the University of Antwerp. Biosil® is the only clinically proven supplement backed by over 25 years and $20 million of research that protects and generates your collagen, elastin, and keratin.

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Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. specializes in quality collagen nutritional ingredients as well as a broad range of cutting edge nutraceuticals that are recognized globally for cardiovascular, joint, skin, eye health and anti-aging support.

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#1 Largest producer of Chondroitin Sulfate & Glucosamine. One of the first chondroitin sulfate manufacturers in China, HS BioPharma was founded in 1997. Our U.S. Office was established in 2012 in Carlsbad, California. www.hs-biopharma.com

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Longevity by Nature offers 100% natural products and formulas suitable for all ages. We believe ingredients should be sourced from nature, not labs. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, always: no sugars or substitutes, no artificial flavorings, and no GMOs.

Our products support living and aging well.

Nutraceuticals from Nature: Pure. Innovative. For your health.

manufacturers and packagers of dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals and natural products, especially in liquid formulations

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Orgain was created by Andrew Abraham, M.D. - cancer survivor, medical physician and food entrepreneur. Simply put, at Orgain our mission is to help more people live vibrant lives through the power of good, clean nutrition.

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Importers and suppliers of ingredients to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food industries from around the world.

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We are a Private label company, we research to formulate new products according customer needs.

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SeaTech Bioproducts supplies marine ingredients including marine polysaccharides (chitosan, chondroitin, fucoidan), microalgae and macroalgae species and algae extracts, marine proteins (collagen), marine oils, marine pigments and carotenoids and specialty powders (sea cucumber, green lipped mussel, oyster powders). Contact SeaTech for sourcing and development of custom and innovative marine ingredients.