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Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd.: 2017 Company Profiles

23501 Madero, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: (949) 855-2776; (800) 421-2998
Fax: (949) 458-2764
E-mail: info@wakunaga.com
Website: www.kyolic.com
Year Founded: 1972

Wakunaga: A Commitment to Research

The corporate philosophy of Wakunaga is a commitment to research and a mission to serve public health. With distribution in more than 50 countries worldwide, it is Wakunaga’s continuing mission to promote good health throughout the world. This mission is accomplished by providing products of the highest quality, which are supported by truthful science and accompanied by helpful consumer information. The company has an outside and inside sales staff, as well as two nutritionists, available to answer retailer and consumer questions on a daily basis.

Quality Assurance

In Wakunaga’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the company uses stringent quality controls and follow current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), which were established by the World Health Organization. Wakunaga is also certified by TGA, and ISO 9001 the international quality standard management system, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to total quality assurance and results in products that are safe and effective.

Wakunaga of America follows the same high quality standards to manufacture products, which have been established by its parent company throughout 50 years of experience. Quality checks cover every aspect of the manufacturing process—from the organic cultivation of garlic through production, packaging and distribution.

Wakunaga is continually implementing innovations to its automated manufacturing as well as quality assurance testing. The quality assurance system Wakunaga has in place also applies to environmental protection, as it is one of the company’s primary responsibilities to protect the natural environment of the local community. Thus, Wakunaga is always striving for the ultimate target of providing the finest product available on the market to its customers, a product that ensures safety, quality and efficacy.


Wakunaga is a leader in the field of scientific research with now more than 750 peer-reviewed published papers on Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract’s (AGE) ability to lower cholesterol, slow plaque formation, reduce stress and enhance immune health. A new Australian study has found that AGE significantly reduces blood pressure in adults with hypertension, offering hope to those who don’t respond well to prescription medications or would prefer a natural therapy.


Wakunaga’s main product is Kyolic for heart and immune health. Studies have proven Kyolic to enhance immune function, protect cells from free radical damage and support cholesterol and overall heart health. The production of Kyolic odorless AGE begins with garlic grown on Wakunaga farms under strictly controlled organic conditions without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Raw garlic is aged, without heating, up to 20 months in stainless-steel tanks. This unique aging process makes Kyolic up to 50 times richer in active beneficial compounds than raw garlic and is gentle on the stomach. This odor eliminating conversion process, results in the truly odorless Kyolic AGE that contains safe, stable, bioavailable and beneficial compounds.

Other products from Wakunaga include: Kyo-Dophilus, human-strain, shelf-stable (no refrigeration needed) probiotics to restore, balance and protect intestinal function. The probiotics are guaranteed stable at the time of consumption, not at the time of manufacture. Also available is Kyo-Green powdered drink mix for energizing and alkalizing; Harvest Blend & Kyo-Chlorella for immune function and antioxidant activity. And finally, Moducare, plant sterols and sterolins to restore, strengthen and balance the immune system.

Key Personnel:

• Kazu Nomura, President

• Michael Modjeski, Vice President

• Jay Levy, Director of Sales

• Masaki Matsushita, Director of R&D