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Pacific Resources International: 2017 Company Profiles

1021 Mark Ave.
Carpinteria, CA 93013
Phone: (805) 684-0624 • Fax: (805) 684-8624
Email: info@pri-nz.com
Website: www.shoppri.com

Bringing the Best of Clean New Zealand Products to the U.S.

Pacific Resources International (PRI) has been established for more than three decades as an exclusive importer, bringing the best of clean New Zealand (NZ) products to the U.S. Established in 1984 by founder David Noll, the company continues to be a family-owned business. PRI was the first to introduce the now famous manuka honey in 1989 to the U.S. and still represents the same family-owned bee keepers that take pride in the quality of its all-natural, 100 percent raw packed in NZ honey. PRI has the largest selection of high-quality manuka honey that is tested, according to NZ government quality standards. Every jar has a batch number that corresponds with a COA (certificate of analysis) to show true activity. There is a strength to meet the needs of any consumer. Also, items include many manuka products for cough and cold, gourmet candies and beauty soap and lotions. Manuka honey is known as the healing honey and is used around the world to help with digestive issues, wound treatment and for the casual user to help keep their bodies defense system strong. Also available are several other great native NZ honeys.

Other great products include naturally dried for 13 months by sun and wind, Pacific Sea Salt harvested from the clean oceans around NZ. NZ is one of the few place left on the planet that has clean oceans that allows the salt to naturally dry in the time test way for 13 months to produce a unrefined salt containing all the natural trace elements that a healthy body requires. The perfect balance of trace elements matches the same combination and pH as your blood, tears and the fluid that you live in for the first nine months of your life. Other so called sea salts only contain sodium chloride that is extract from unclean oceans by pasteurizing the water and quick drying that removes impurities and the essential trace elements. Sodium chloride in this form is not good for maintaining a healthy body and can harm the body’s defenses.