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CAW Industries Inc.: 2017 Company Profiles

P.O. Box 4040
Rapid City, SD 57709
Phone: (605) 343-8100; (888) 379-4552
Fax: (605) 343-0109
E-Mail: john@drwillard.com
Website: www.drwillard.com
Year Founded: 1973

The Willard Water Difference

The history of Willard Water began 40 years ago when John Willard, PhD, professor emeritus of chemistry, had an inspiration that led to a miraculous discovery. While working on research about a highly-concentrated trace mineral water in his lab, “through the grace of God,” as he, himself, later recounted, he decided to mix the water with another element he was working with. Through this stroke of genius, or divine intervention, Willard discovered a formula that changed water’s molecular structure! Knowing that he had to share this product with the world, Willard called it Catalyst Altered Water, because the newly-created product caused the formation of a patented “catalyst that alters the structure of water, making water behave in a manner that had not been reported in the literature,” as stated by Willard.

As opposed to regular water, Willard Water, which the product was later renamed to boost the body’s ability to perform a variety of functions, including digestion, nutrient assimilation and toxin removal. Willard Water helps the body break down food, nutrients, minerals and toxin particles more efficiently into even smaller pieces so the body can better process them easier.

Even though this product sounds too good to be true, this miraculous discovery has been backed by multiple studies conducted by reputable scientists and institutions all over the world, including Purdue University, the University of Washington, the University of British Columbia, the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and many others. These studies have shown that Willard Water helps with digestion, stimulates the absorption and effectiveness of antioxidants, and increases the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, especially water-soluble vitamins such as those in the B Complex group. Forty years of research clearly illustrates that adding Willard Water to one’s daily diet helps the body to maximize the effectiveness of vitamins, antioxidants and mineral supplements.

Willard Water is great for customers who want to maximize the effectiveness of their supplements or are in need of enhancing their overall bioavailability. Willard Water also has a pH value of 12.3, and when diluted as directed, permanently increases water pH by up to two points.

Willard Water is sold in a concentrate form, and customers can choose either the Willard Water CLEAR or the Willard Water DARK. The CLEAR Concentrate contains about double the patented catalyst than the DARK. The CLEAR concentrate must be diluted, according to instructions, to ensure maximum effectiveness. Users add one-fourth of a teaspoon of liquid Willard Water to 8 oz. of distilled, filtered, spring or tap water. It can also be added to smoothies, tea, juice or other non-carbonated liquids.

The DARK concentrate contains about half the patented catalyst as the CLEAR. However, the DARK also contains fossilized organics, which include amino acids, activated carbon and about two dozen readily available trace minerals. Just like the CLEAR concentrate, the DARK must be diluted, according to instructions. Three-fourths of a teaspoon is added to 8 oz. of non-carbonated beverage.

Users are advised to drink three to five, 8-oz. glasses of diluted Willard Water per day for maximum effectiveness. Both Willard Water products are available in 8-, 16-, and 32-oz. sizes.

Willard Water’s parent company CAW Industries supports sales through a nationwide radio and print advertising campaign that reaches millions of potential customers each week. They also offer live demonstrations of Willard Water products and follow up with retailers (brochures, studies, etc.) to help to educate consumers about their products.

Mission Statement

The mission of CAW Industries, Inc. stems from Dr. Willard’s personal beliefs in one’s responsibility to the greater good of all mankind. The company is committed to making a positive difference in the health and welfare of people all over the world. CAW Industries continually strives to find new ways to improve people’s lives and it hopes to achieve these goals through research, education and a commitment to conducting business with the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and customer service.

Key Executives

• John Willard III, CEO

• Bret Tausan, Vice President of Production

Main Products

• Willard Water CLEAR

• Willard Water DARK