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Nature Made Partners With Feed the Children

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Nature Made and Feed the Children recently joined forces to provide relief to Flint, MI-area families affected by the urgent water crisis. Nature Made donated 1.6 million tablets of vitamin C and 7.6 million tablets of Calcium Vitamelts, supplements often used to address lead toxicity, to families in Flint, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Nature-Made-Logo-650x207The Nature Made donation, valued at more than $500,000, was delivered to the Children’s Dream Center, which operates under the auspices of Abundant Life Community Church, the Detroit Free Press reported.

In January 2016, Flint was declared to be in a state of emergency by Governor Rick Snyder. Since that time, potentially 12,000 children have been exposed to lead poisoning. Calcium and vitamin C are believed to help reduce lead levels in the body, according to Feed the Children.FeedtheChildrenLogo

“At Nature Made, we operate from a foundation of values that is focused on people–both inside and outside of our company. We are dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of individuals worldwide,” said Amit Jain, corporate social responsibility manager at California-based Pharmavite (maker of Nature Made vitamins). “The opportunity to partner with Feed the Children to donate calcium and vitamin C to the community of Flint was a natural decision.”

“Because of the generosity and readiness of Nature Made, Feed the Children is able to aid families who need help during this crisis,” said J.C. Watts, Jr., Feed the Children president and CEO. “Together we can provide assistance to the resilient residents of Flint.”

“We are also seeking other opportunities to partner with other organizations to distribute the supplements,” said Vanessa Pringle, Children’s Dream Center director.

For more information, visit www.feedthechildren.org.

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