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BÖRLIND Receives Second Green Brands Quality Seal


ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND, the natural cosmetics producer from Germany’s Black Forest, has been honored with the Green Brand Award for the second time. The 2017/2018 award ceremony took place in Frankfurt on November 13. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND is made available to the American marketplace through Bioforce USA in New York.

The international Green Brands Organization acknowledges the most ecologically sustainable products, services and companies each year and awards the Green Brands quality seal. Award nominees are judged by a prestigious, independent jury that nominates, validates, and ultimately chooses the winners. 

“At BÖRLIND, handling natural resources with care is a principle that we live—it’s not merely a slogan,” said Pierce Sioussat, CEO of Bioforce USA. “Each product is created with maximum ecological and social responsibility. The botanical raw materials we purchase use ecological cultivation methods; and we actively support multiple fair-trade and environmental projects worldwide. But our global commitment is not limited to raw material acquisition alone,” he explained.

“We support educational projects and charitable programs that sustain and enrich human life. Our company is committed to helping restore balance for the entire planet and creating a world in which future generations can inherit a life worth living.”

For years, BÖRLIND GmbH has met the Certified Sustainable Economics (CSE) sustainability standard. All ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND natural beauty products bear the CSE seal representing responsibly ecological, socially integrated and quality oriented management. Compliance with the rigorous CSE guidelines is one of the reasons our company has been awarded twice by the Green Brands Organization.

For more information, visit www.boerlind.com/us.

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