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2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers

Ever wish you and your staff could have more one-on-one time with sales representatives from top companies serving the natural products industry to gain a deeper understanding of the products you’re carrying (or thinking of carrying) on your shelves? That’s what Vitamin Retailer sought to deliver with its 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers section.
In this special section, we provided each company an opportunity to address retailers directly with insight about their top product(s) and tips for selling them. We recommended that submissions be conversational—the way a rep would handle in-store training—while providing concrete information about the company. We also asked participants to discuss their history, research efforts, quality assurance measures, etc., and their products/line with merchandising tips, potential customer questions, and the dos and don’ts retailers should keep in mind when advising customers.

Following is an index of companies participating in Vitamin Retailer’s 2018 Product Sales Training for Retailers section: