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Natural Vitality: 2017 Company Profiles

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Best Selling and Award Winning

Natural Vitality is a purpose-driven international dietary supplement company known for its flagship product Natural Calm, The Anti-Stress Drink, which is the best-selling magnesium supplement year after year. Natural Vitality is the only brand with three SKUs in the top 10 and is the number one–selling powdered line (SPINS).

Here are the key points about the company’s product line:

Multi-award-winning Natural Calm has been the best-selling magnesium supplement in the natural market for more than 11 years. Stress-reducing Natural Calm supports heart and bone health, better sleep and natural energy production, to name just a few of its benefits. All of the delicious organic flavors are naturally sweetened, vegan, gluten free and certified non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and R.A.W.

Natural Calm Plus Calcium balances a highly soluble and bioavailable form of calcium with Natural Calm, as well as key vitamins and minerals for maximum benefit from the calcium without lowering vital magnesium levels or building up unabsorbed calcium in the body. Natural Calm Plus Calcium is Non-GMO Project Verified.

Top-selling liquid multi with 24 organic fruits and veggies, omega-3 EPA and DHA, vitamins, minerals, Natural Calm magnesium, calcium and quinoa plant protein. The delicious gluten- and GMO-free formula is organically fruity-splash flavored and the winner of multiple awards.

Calmful Sleep includes nature’s anti-stress mineral, magnesium, plus for extra sleep support Suntheanine (a premium form of the relaxing amino acid L-theanine), calm-enhancing GABA (a non-protein amino acid) and melatonin. It is vegan, gluten- and GMO-free.

New Transdermal Magnesium Absorption

Natural Calm Bath is a unique food-grade combination of premium Natural Calm magnesium and pristine Brazilian gourmet sea salt. It provides a relaxing and detoxifying bathtub spa treatment.

Natural Calm Cream is laboratory tested and exclusively formulated by leading magnesium researcher Andrea Rosanoff, PhD. Apply the non-greasy “miracle” cream to any area that is tense, stiff, inflamed or in pain.

Osteo-Calm is an award-winning premium liquid complex of key bone-health cofactors, featuring Natural Calm magnesium and calcium in an ideal 1:1 ratio; 2,000 IU of vitamin D3; vitamin K2; plus other vitamins and ionic minerals for best calcium assimilation. It’s vegetarian, gluten- and GMO-free.

This great-tasting liquid contains 24 certified organically grown veggies, super fruits and fruits, organic quinoa plant protein and organic aloe vera. The vegetarian, gluten-free and non-GMO formula includes a trace-mineral complex, vitamins and other supportive nutrients. Also available as convenient 90-count capsules, as Whole Life Daily Multi.

Plant-Sourced Minerals delivers a complex of more than 70 plant-based, small-particle, bioavailable life-sustaining trace minerals, which are sourced from a prehistoric plant deposit called Senonian Vegetate. This vegetate is mineral-rich organic soil derived from plants and naturally protected from mineral depletion. Plant-Sourced Minerals is vegan, gluten-free and verified non-GMO.

Free Tools to Ignite Sell-through

Natural Vitality provides a variety of marketing support ranging from sample packs to beverage dispensers, displays, shelf talkers and literature. Visit NaturalVitality/MC.com to view the entire catalog.

Sustainable Lifestyle, Healthier Planet

A percentage of product sales goes toward our Calm Earth Project environmental action initiative, which supports organic farming and environmental stewardship.

Natural Vitality also publishes Calmful Living online journal, which connects readers with calmful living via websites, online newsletters and e-books.