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Weight Management Suite of Ingredients

Phase 2

Building off the success of its Phase 2 Carb Controller™ ingredient (as found in Natrol’s Carb Intercept), which reduces the absorption of calories from starchy foods (carbs), caters to the consumer seeking a product that is well documented, safe and effective (29 studies, GRAS), Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. (Kearny NJ) is now launching a complete weight control system that addresses all the reasons consumers gain weight.

Called The Three Phases of Weight Control, it includes Phase 1 Hunger Controller™, Phase 2 Carb Controller and Phase 3 Sugar Controller™. The ingredients can be packaged as a system, or marketed separately. Combined with a sensible diet and exercise, The Three Phases will provide a variety of tools to help consumers manage their weight.

“For possibly the first time, using a safe, responsible system, the natural products industry has ways to help consumers reduce their weight that are superior to their pharmaceutical counterparts,” said Mitch Skop, Pharmachem’s senior director of product development.

The Three Phases of Weight Control:

Phase 1 Hunger Controller ™—A convenient, one-per-day, flavored beverage powder clinically shown to promote appetite control and satiety.

Phase 2 Carb Controller™—A proprietary extract of the white bean clinically shown in 29 studies to reduce the digestion of starches.

Phase 3 Sugar Controller™—A powdered formula clinically shown to reduce the glucose and insulin spike caused by ingesting sugar.

“The Three Phases of Weight Control system addresses primary reasons for weight gain—overeating and over consumption of carbs and sugars,” said Skop. “Though it’s not a magic bullet, it provides three tools that can help consumers seeking to lose weight safely.  The system also supports the basis of healthy weight control, which is following a sensible diet and exercising.”

As a raw material supplier of patented and proprietary branded ingredients, Pharmachem has launched a consumer website, www.livesowell.com, which is also a suitable tool for retailers. The company conducts a national publicity campaign to educate consumers about weight management and its ingredients. In addition, the company has a complete, 600-plus page science dossier on the Three Phases of Weight Control. For information, e-mail sales@pharmachemlabs.com.