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Phase 2

A Change Of Heart

February 1, 2012

Tired and scared of side effect-inducing medications, consumers are actively seeking alternative options to caring for their [...]

Gluten-Free Is Here To Stay

January 1, 2012

Though only one percent of the U.S. population has celiac disease, increased knowledge of gluten-free products is making the [...]

2012 Industry Forecast

January 1, 2012

From NDIs and regulations to key categories and product innovations, Vitamin Retailer conducted a roundtable of industry [...]

Cutting The Fat

January 1, 2012

Weight loss manufacturers respond to consumer demand for safe, science-backed products. A diverse range of American [...]

Reflux Defense

January 1, 2012

Anyone who has experienced heartburn knows how uncomfortable it can make a person. Eating something that “doesn’t [...]

Beauty Insider

December 1, 2011

The skin, which acts as the body’s first line of defense, takes a constant beating. From damage caused by the sun to [...]

The Clean Truth

December 1, 2011

While the body has an inherent, natural ability to detoxify, and physical activity enhances this process, due to the overuse [...]
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