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Vitamin Angels Receives Humanitarian Award from American College of Nutrition


The American College of Nutrition (ACN, Santa Barbara, CA) presented its annual awards at the organization’s 55th Annual Conference and Vitamin Angels was chosen to receive the college’s Humanitarian Award for its two decades of live-saving work providing vitamins and minerals to pregnant women, new mothers and children.

The award will was received by Howard Schiffer on behalf of the organization at ACN’s President’s Dinner on Oct. 17.

“Vitamin Angels is honored to receive this award. We are committed to creating a world where every child, from the day he or she is born, has the opportunity to lead a meaningful and productive life,” said Howard Schiffer, president and founder, Vitamin Angels. “This wonderful award is validation that this esteemed community believes in our work.”

ACN’s Humanitarian Award honored Vitamin Angels, which over the last five years alone, has reached more than 100 million mothers and children with vitamins in approximately 45 countries including the U.S. In 2014, the organization announced it was part of a new effort, facilitated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to treat and prevent intestinal worms, also known as soil-transmitted helminthes (STH) as a complement to their existing vitamin A supplementation program.

The American College of Nutrition, founded in 1959, is on a mission to advance nutrition science to prevent and treat disease. Key goals of the professional society are to stimulate nutrition research and publication, elevate nutrition knowledge among clinicians and researchers, and provide practical guidance on clinical nutrition.

For more information, visit www.americancollegeofnutrition.com


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