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UAS Labs Donates Over $46,000 of Probiotic Supplements


UAS Laboratories (Wausau, WI) has donated over $46,000 of probiotic supplements to more than 50 nations. The donation supplied 187,534 servings of probiotics to these nations in need.

In announcing the donation, Ken Seguine, UAS’ Labs vice president of sales & marketing, said, “We are happy to provide life affirming probiotics to children in need.”

UAS Labs is also offering a percentage of its sales to Vitamin Angels, an organization which helps at-risk populations in need gain access to lifesaving vitamins and minerals. The organization supplied vital nutrients to nearly 30 million children in 45 countries in 2013.

According to UAS Labs, almost 870 million people around the world are suffering from malnutrition, which is the cause of 45 percent of all deaths among children under the age of 5.

For more information on UAS Labs, visit www.uaslabs.com.


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