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Terry Lemerond Inducted Into Hall of Legends

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Terry Lemerond, founder and president of EuroPharma Inc., has been inducted into the natural products industry’s acclaimed Hall of Legends. Each year, at Natural Products Expo West, New Hope Network honors the industry’s foremost contributors with the Hall of Legends awards. The celebration, which took place Friday evening, March 10 at the Anaheim Convention Center, recognized eight industry leaders.

“Legends” are visionaries who have devoted significant portions of their lives to making the natural products industry the robust and growing sector it is today, according to show managment. They represent stories of innovation, creativity and integrity, and are prime influencers in the field of wellness. They continuously improve our pathways to health and longevity.

“There is no finer industry than ours, and I am proud to have spent my life working with others who share a passion for naturally improving the health of America,” said Lemerond. “I am deeply honored to join industry leaders in the Hall of Legends and appreciate this wonderful recognition from New Hope.”

As a 45-year veteran of the natural products industry, Lemerond has researched and developed over 400 best-selling nutritional and botanical formulations, backed by scientific validation. He has kept pace with industry trends and consumer needs through two “Terry Naturally” health food stores in Green Bay, WI. In addition, he is an expert contributor to Vitamin Retailer magazine.

Lemerond is dedicated to supporting retailers through education. EuroPharma offers weekly web-based training, webinars on alternative health topics, Lemerond’s weekly radio program, and onsite training seminars featuring lectures by Lemerond and other top experts.

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