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brain health

Phase 2

Courting The 50+ Customer

July 1, 2013

Manufacturers support retailers with validated products targeting Boomers’ specific needs, and educational engagement that [...]

Gut Health … & Beyond

June 1, 2013

Beyond structure function claims for intestinal and immune health, probiotics are being linked to skin and women’s health, [...]

Building Teen Health

April 1, 2013

Health issues may change, but the multivitamin still rules as the best-selling supplement for teens and tweens. How [...]

Brain Health For All Ages

December 1, 2012

According to 2011 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures, a report from the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5.4 [...]

Enduring EFAs

November 1, 2012

Proving they’re “essential” as well as innovative, manufacturers say EFA supplements are in it for the long haul. [...]

Adding A Branded Punch

September 1, 2012

Offering retailers a look through formulators’ eyes, VR provides case studies highlighting how the selection of branded [...]

Children’s Health

April 1, 2012

Issues with obesity, attention deficit disorders, asthma and allergies—not to mention general health—send parents [...]

Brain Boosters

November 1, 2011

As the brain health category continues to expand past Baby Boomers, manufacturers see to it that more effective, [...]
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