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RIBUS’ Nu-MAG Enables Creation of Organic Dietary Supplements

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Thanks to St. Louis, MO-based ingredient supplier RIBUS, it is now possible to make certified organic dietary supplements. The company recently launched Nu-MAG, a rice-based ingredient which takes the place of magnesium stearate and stearic acid, synthetic ingredients previously considered vital in making dietary supplements but prohibited in organic products.

RIBUS is the global leader in GMO-free and organic rice-based alternatives to synthetic ingredients. Nu-MAG is the most recent addition to the extensive RIBUS portfolio.

Nu-MAG is a blend of four ingredients that provide enhanced lubrication in the production of natural and organic dietary supplements. It enables manufacturers of tablets to avoid breakage, while simultaneously cleaning up label statements. Nu-MAG is seen as the second generation to Nu-RICE for tablets and capsules when additional lubrication is required.

“We are very proud to have developed an ingredient so fundamental to a dietary supplement industry interested in capitalizing on consumer support for ‘clean labels’ and organic products,” said Steve Peirce, RIBUS president.

“We are replacing one of the dietary supplement industry’s standard synthetic ingredients with a natural or organic blend. This option maintains efficacy and quality while also providing a clean label declaration of ‘rice extract blend,’ a term consumers can easily understand and support,” he continued.

For more information, visit www.ribus.com.

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