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Mushroom Wisdom: Science Complementing Ancient Wisdom

Sharing Years of Experience, Knowledge & Research

While mushrooms have been utilized in traditional medicine, primarily in Asia, for hundreds of years, and in some cases thousands—as it is with reishi and cordyceps, it has really only been in the last few years that the West has awakened to the health promoting potential of mushrooms. Leading the charge here has been Mushroom Wisdom (MW). For more than 25 years, MW has been providing retailers, practitioners and consumers with the finest mushroom supplements, grounded in tradition and supported by science.

Recently, MW has joined forces with the largest mushroom producer in Japan, Hokuto Corp. Both companies are pioneers of the mushroom industry—MW in the supplements category and Hokuto in the area of mushroom growing—creating a promising synergy in this rapidly expanding category.

Hokuto also brings to the table an increased ability to further explore the promising gifts of mushrooms with its General Mushroom Research Institute in Nagano, Japan, with its 30-plus scientists and researchers.

Mirroring Nature: It’s All About the Mushrooms

Not all mushrooms are created equal; the reality is that there are significant differences between the various products and lines. One key and significant difference is how the mushrooms are grown. MW believes that the strongest and most vital mushrooms are grown in a manner that mirrors how the mushroom naturally grows. The company also wildcrafts three of the mushrooms, coriolus, meshima and possibly most significantly, chaga, which is harvested from birch trees in remote areas of Siberia.

Central to the growing of mushrooms is utilizing the appropriate substrate; a.k.a. food source for the mushroom, one that is similar to what the mushrooms would naturally be growing on in the wild. An excellent example of the lengths that MW goes to in growing their mushrooms is found with this newest addition, poria. Pine logs are first impregnated with poria and then buried in the ground to grow until they are harvested, mirroring their natural growth since wild poria grows on the roots of pine trees.

Bioavailability is Key

Another key differentiating point with mushroom products is how they are processed. Mushrooms contain a fibrous-like compound called chitin that is very poorly digested by the human digestive tract. In order to increase their bioavailability and assimilation, MW extracts their mushrooms, freeing the active constituents from the chitin. Hot water is utilized as the primary extraction tool because it effectively extracts the key bioactives, the beta-glucans and polysaccharides. Some mushrooms, like reishi and poria, may also be extracted in alcohol when the constituent profile calls for it.

Honoring Ancient Wisdom

One way in which MW honors the ancient wisdom is by employing the part that was traditionally utilized in traditional medicine, namely the fruiting body. The company strongly believes that if one is to apply traditional applications and energetics to his/her mushroom products that it is important make use of the fruiting body, just as it has been done for thousands of years. Another advantage of using the fruiting body of the mushroom is that it allows you to grow the mushroom on their natural wood substrates, an option not available when using mycelium since it would need to be grown in an edible biomass.

Science Complementing Tradition

MW brings the category into the 21st century in a number of ways. One way is testing their products for pesticide residue, heavy metals and possible microbial contamination, along with testing every batch for proper identification. Another area of commitment is to further expand the company’s knowledge of potential activities and uses of these mushrooms. MW has led the way with research, discovering new compounds as well as new applications.

As a result of this research, MW has created three unique products, born from research. The first was the Maitake D-Fraction, widely known for its immune health supporting actions, shown to increase the numbers and functions of a range of immune cells. It was shown in comparative studies to be the most effective mushroom for immune enhancement. Also derived from the Maitake mushroom is the SX-Fraction, shown in clinical studies to support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. MW’s latest unique extraction is from the lion’s mane mushroom and is called Amyloban 3399. This product has shown success in the much needed area of maintaining healthy brain function, including memory, cognition and mood.

MW has also created a line of individual mushrooms, aptly named Super. The mushrooms included are Chaga, Cordyceps, Coriolus, Lion’s Mane, Meshima, Poria, Reishi, Royal Agaricus, Shiitake and Tremella, all in concentrated extracts.

Mushroom Wisdom Support

Everyone at MW takes their commitment to providing you and your customers with the finest, effective mushroom supplements available. If there is anything MW can do to support you, please feel free to contact the company. MW is at your service.

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