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Redd Remedies: 2017 Company Profiles

211 S. Quincy Ave.
Bradley, IL 60915
Phone: (888) 453-5058
Fax: (815) 614-2084
Website: www.reddremedies.com

Bringing The Body Back Into Balance

Redd Remedies continues to formulate unique products that are easy to use and effective in bringing the body back into balance. The company’s new award-winning Curcumin C3 Chewable, Curcumin T4 Chewable and Gouch Tart Cherry Liquid are perfect examples of our commitment to listen to the voice of its consumers and respond to what they need today.

In addition, this year, Redd Remedies is focused on providing quality education to one of its greatest assets, its retail partners. The company’s new REDD ED Global Knowledge Program showcases its products one by one in short videos that outline the ingredients used in the formula and explain how the formula works to provide fast-acting support and nourish the body back into balance. Complete the short quizzes that follow each video and you’re on your way to earning free rewards and discounts up to 60 percent off personal orders.

For a deeper understanding, the company offers 30-minute monthly webinar trainings with its lead formulator. And don’t worry, if you miss the live webinar you can access it in the company’s archives any time.

Registration for REDD ED and webinar trainings is easy! Simply go to www.redded.info to sign up.

Any questions? Redd Remedies will help. Call (888) 453-5058 and speak to one of the company’s helpful and friendly customer service associates.

REDD ED Global Knowledge Program—Prepare to be amazed!

Redd Remedies Categories of Products:

• Body Structure: Curcumin C3 Reduct Chewable, Curcumin T4 capsules and chewables, Joint Health, Bone Health, Nerve Shield, Muscle Ease, Gouch, Gouch Liquid

• Brain Body Connection: Brain Awakening, At Ease, At Ease PM, In Joy, Crave Stop, Thyroid Strong, True Energy, True Energy Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser

• Sinus & Respiratory: Adult Sinus, SinuZyme, Children’s Sinus, Sinus Support Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser, Throat & Bronchial Syrups, Throat Drops, Lung Care, Lung Care Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser

• Cardiovascular: Heart Strong, 120/80 Care, Cholesterol D-fense, Circulation VA