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Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies: 2016 Company Profiles

13591 Yorba Ave.
Chino, CA 91710
Phone: (909) 613-1660 • Fax: (909) 613-1663
Email: adm@specialtyenzymes.com
Website: www.specialtyenzymes.com

Worldwide Leader

Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies is a worldwide leader in the production of nutraceutical, food, beverage and industrial enzymes. There are many marketing companies that sell enzymes, but only a very small number that actually manufacture enzymes. That is, companies that actually have facilities with fermentation tanks to produce enzymes. Specialty Enzymes is one of those companies.

In 1957, the company’s founder pioneered the production of papain, a proteolytic enzyme extracted from papaya fruit. Today, the son of the company’s founder, Vic Rathi, continues to advance the many uses of enzymes for health and industry. Rathi, an enzymologist with more than 35 years of experience, continues to innovate and pursue enzyme solutions. In the last decade, Specialty Enzymes has added probiotics to its line of products. This further expands the range of supplements available for a natural approach to health.

Specialty Enzymes is one of the few manufacturers that produces a full spectrum of enzymes derived from all four natural sources: plant, fungal, bacterial and animal. The company’s state-of-the-art ISO 22000:2005 certified manufacturing facilities utilize the most advanced solid state and submerged fermentation technologies available. Specialty Enzymes offers full production capacity, which allows for the timely delivery of products to its clients around the globe.

Specialty Enzymes has recently introduced advanced enzyme blends to aid with specialized digestive issues like dairy and gluten intolerance as well as general intestinal health. The company is a major manufacturer of cutting edge enzymes like Peptizyme SP (serrapeptase), NattoSEB (nattokinase) and Exclzyme. Because Specialty Enzymes is an actual manufacturer, The company can offer custom enzyme formulas that meet the specific needs of its customers. It is Specialty Enzymes’ goal is to pave the way for technological advances and applications of enzymes and probiotics that improve the quality of life.

Specialty Enzymes is part of Advanced Enzymes USA. This is a vertically integrated group of companies manufacturing nutraceutical, food, beverage and industrial enzymes worldwide. Enzymes are vital to all life forms, most importantly—humans. It is with this conviction that the company stands dedicated to educating and providing the most effective enzymes on the market. Specialty Enzymes is dedicated to the goal of developing and manufacturing cutting edge, efficacious and all-natural enzyme solutions with the highest quality and activity. Rathi oversees operations for all divisions of SEB, including Specialty Enzymes, which is responsible for all industries in the Western Hemisphere. The company’s vice president, Mike Smith, is directly involved in every aspect of the business heading up sales, marketing and technical support. Specialty Enzymes’ Laboratory Manager, Dr. Inmar Munir, PhD oversees all the QA/QC laboratory functions, GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliance and application research relating to every industry at Specialty Enzymes.

While the nutrition industry is a very important part of our business, Specialty Enzymes is also committed to providing eco-friendly solutions to many other industries including animal health, fruit juice production, renewable energy and many more. Since enzyme use is very technical, it is essential that we have the right personnel to provide technical support for the many different industries it serves. This value added service is a large part of the continued success Specialty Enzymes has enjoyed over the last two decades in particular.

Laboratory and Analytical Testing Services for Enzymes

Measuring enzyme activity is a precise undertaking that requires technical knowledge, skill and technique as well as modern laboratory instruments and facilities. At Specialty Enzymes, the company has both. In addition to the enzyme products it manufactures and supplies, the company also provides cGMP certifiable laboratory services. Enzyme identification, activity and stability, as well as testing for heavy metals and microbial pathogens are among the lab services it provides to its customers.

Specialty Enzymes Offers:

• Custom enzyme formulations
• Technical and enzyme application support
• Full on-site GMP laboratory testing
• ISO 22000:2005 manufacturing facilities
• More than 50 years in enzyme research and manufacturing

Specialty Enzymes will continue to provide the industry with the highest quality enzyme and probiotic products, unparalleled technical support and formulation expertise. The company’s goal is to continue to grow with the natural products industry supplying quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of everyone.

Key Executives:

• President: Vic Rathi
• Vice President: Mike Smith
• Laboratory Manager: Inmar Munir, PhD