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Redd Remedies: 2016 Company Profiles

211 S. Quincy Ave.
Bradley, IL 60915
Phone: (888) 453-5058
Fax: (815) 614-2084
Website: www.reddremedies.com

Redd—verb \’red\ to put in order

It’s what Redd Remedies does. Puts the body back in order as it relates to health. It would be wonderful if all we needed was some good clean living, but we know that it often takes more than that. We live in a toxic world with nutrient deficient food and more stress than we would like. No wonder our bodies struggle. No wonder there is disease, pain, fatigue and low quality of life. Our body systems need the proper nutrients in sufficient amounts to function optimally with all the demands put on them. So often the approach to health is focused on a specific problem without considering how that problem affects the rest of the body. The truth is that when part of the body is sick, distressed or out of balance, the WHOLE BODY is affected.

So How Do We “Put in Order”?

First Redd Remedies considers the problem and how that affects the whole body. Then it draws from the vast knowledge of rich traditional healing cultures from around the world to design a product that will provide the nourishment needed while creating whole-body balance. A balanced body is a healthy body. A balanced body is full of physical and mental energy. Disease does not survive where there is balance.

Redd Remedies’ condition-specific formulas are easy to use and effective in bringing the systems of the body back into balance.

• Body Structure: Curcumin C3 Reduct chewable, Curcumin T4 chewable, Curcumin T4 capsules, Joint Health, Bone Health, Nerve Shield, Muscle Ease, Gouch and ReNu For Pets
• Brain Body Connection: Brain Awakening, At Ease, At Ease PM, In Joy, Crave Stop, Thyroid Strong, True Energy, True Energy Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser
• Sinus & Respiratory: Adult Sinus, SinuZyme, Children’s Sinus, Sinus Support Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser, Throat & Bronchial Syrups, Throat Drops, Lung Care, Lung Care Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser
• Cardiovascular: Heart Strong, 120/80 Care, Cholesterol D-fense, Circulation VA