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Daily Manufacturing, Inc.: 2016 Company Profiles

4820 Pless Rd., Rockwell, NC 28138
Phone: (704) 782-0700 • Toll Free: (800) 868-0700
Fax: (704) 784-8400
Email: dr-jim@maildailymfg.com
Website: www.dailymfg.com

Uncompromising Quality Standards

Jim and Mary Jo Daily started manufacturing one mineral supplement for Dr. Carey Reams’ nutritional program in 1979. Since that time, Daily Manufacturing has expanded and supplies high quality nutritional supplements to health care professionals and to natural food retailers. Daily Manufacturing remains a family owned business that maintains the uncompromising quality standards that won the endorsement of Dr. Reams and many other customers throughout the years. In 1996, Dr. Jim Daily III (PhD, Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Tennessee) joined the company and is now the president.

Daily Manufacturing is committed to producing high quality nutritional products, which have a solid scientific basis for efficacy and safety. Every product with the “Daily” name must promote wellness and optimal health without risk of harm. Daily Manufacturing makes every effort to identify and obtain only the highest quality raw ingredients. Rather than shop for the lowest cost ingredients, Daily Manufacturing typically uses the same ingredients from the same supplier each time the product is manufactured. If the company finds something that works well, it wants to stay with it. Of course, all ingredients must meet rigorous testing standards. However, Daily Manufacturing does not believe that testing alone can determine the quality of an ingredient and that a proven track record of effectiveness is important.

Daily products contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, herbal and other nutritional products. Formulations by expert scientists are made to meet special nutritional challenges. The company’s digestive products are some of the most comprehensive in the industry and cover challenges such as gluten and milk intolerance as well as more general nutritionally related issues. Other unique products offered by Daily Manufacturing include: “Relax” daytime and evening formulas, “Herbal Bright,” a natural mood elevator, and Easy Flex 2 for healthy joints. Other combinations such as “Vitality for Women” and “Vitality for Men” are rapidly becoming some of our most popular combinations. Daily products include a wide variety of supplements, which can contribute substantial benefits everyone.