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Revolutionizing Xylitol

Our History 

Since 1999, Xlear Inc. has developed the most innovative and diverse range of xylitol-based products in the world. The company’s priority has always been providing consumers with affordable, all-natural and top-quality products.
In June of 2000, it launched the company’s first commercially available product, Xlear Sinus Care Spray® and have grown to be recognized as the industry leader.

Alonzo H. Jones, DO, a family physician in west Texas, now retired, was trying to find a solution for the people coming to see him for upper respiratory issues. He studied the research pointing to the benefits of xylitol for improving oral health and its effects on bacteria. He noted that upper respiratory problems had been steadily increasing since the early 1970s, owing to environmental factors that included poorly conceived drug therapy and growing antibiotic resistance. He also understood that most upper sinus and respiratory problems were linked to chronic, inadequate nasal hygiene. Studies show that 90 percent of moisture and bacteria enter through the nose. He set out to find a preventative treatment to address these growing problems. The solution was Xlear.

In simple non-medical terms, clinical studies show that oral xylitol administered in syrup and chewing gum reduces tooth decay and also reduces the incidence of ear infections by 80 and 42 percent respectively. Studies also indicate that bacteria found in the nose and mouth ingest xylitol but cannot metabolize it, which prevent the production of harmful byproducts. Further studies show that when xylitol is present, the ability of bacteria to adhere to nasal tissue is decreased by 50-68 percent; the chance of infection is reduced by xylitol because the bacteria cannot stay in the nasal passage as easily.

Based on this research, Xlear Sinus Care® product formulation began and clinical studies followed with the product introduced to the market in June of 2000.


Since that time, the number of people using Xlear products including Xlear Sinus Care Spray to help lead healthier lives has skyrocketed. Scores of people evangelize the products based on their own experience, and growing numbers of dentists, pediatricians, ear, nose and throat specialists, and other health practitioners are recommending Xlear® to their patients. Recognizing the dental benefits of xylitol, in May of 2003, Xlear launched the Spry Dental Defense System®, a family of dental products containing oral xylitol for improved oral health. Xlear also distributes XyloSweet, a xylitol sweetener used as a sugar substitute in cooking, baking and general consumption.

Xylitol is revolutionizing oral health, upper respiratory health, diabetic and sugar-free diets; and has been the focus of more than 2,500 published clinical and laboratory studies. These studies span more than 40 years and support a wide range of benefits. Every ingredient used to make all of the items in the Xlear product line (including the Xlear Sinus Care Line, Spry Dental Defense products, XyloSweet® products and SparX® candies) are gluten free and derived from non-GMO sources. Each complies with all E.U. and U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements regarding gluten and allergens. Additionally, Xlear’s products do not contain any milk fat, milk protein, glucose or sucrose.

Research and Quality 

Xlear products are created solely with pharmaceutical-grade xylitol, meaning a product with more than 99 percent pure xylitol. Independent studies by outside groups are performed to confirm the quality analysis we receive with every shipment, and the results have thus far shown 100 percent conformity. Furthermore, the company’s supply partners adhere to strict standards in purity, cleanliness and manufacturing.

Xlear is the pioneer in xylitol extraction and processing and has invested more than $1 million in research, moving away from the highly-acidic treatments (hydrochloric and sulfuric) currently used throughout the industry, to milder, more organic and safer methods that rely on malic, lactic and, eventually, citric and ascorbic acids. The company also uses non-GMO (genetically modified organism) corn stems and cobs (no kernels), instead of earlier sources of xylitol such as birch trees. The xylitol is chemically and molecularly identical from both sources, and Xlear’s method supports family farmers by enabling them to get value from their crop byproducts, rather than contribute to deforestation. It does not contain any of the corn grain, and it is tested to ensure that no corn allergens, mycotoxins, or corn proteins of any type are in the product.

Customer FAQs 

What is xylitol?

• It’s an all-natural sweetener that occurs in most fruits, vegetables, and plants. It’s even produced by the human body.

• Looks and tastes like sugar

• 40 percent fewer calories and none of the negative tooth decay or insulin release effects of sugar

• Glycemic index of 7 compared to sugar’s 83

• FDA approved since 1963 in unlimited quantity and safe for use by anyone concerned with overconsumption of sugar or for those on a sugar controlled diet I’ve heard of xylitol being used in gum, but why in a nasal spray?

• To promote sinus health by gently cleansing, soothing and moisturizing

• To safely remove airborne contaminants, dust and other irritants

• Recommended by ear, nose and throat doctors; allergists, pediatricians, and other health care professionals worldwide

• All-natural with no side-effects

• Safe and effective for all ages