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Superior Source – 2014

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Superior Absorption

• Dissolves in seconds under the tongue

• No pills to swallow

• Ongoing sample program

Featuring Under the Tongue Technology 

Superior Source MicroLingual® tablets are recognized as the only true softmolded instant release dietary supplements on the market today. Our proprietary methods utilize low pressure hydromolecular (LPH) technology to create tablets that dissolve immediately under the tongue, resulting in quick and direct absorption. Superior Source provides a diverse line of vitamins, minerals, and herbal formulas to support your customer’s health in every way.

Founder Ron Beckenfeld began distributing natural dietary products in1969. Today, our company continues to grow with over 120 products now available.

MicroLingual Tablets are Perfect for B-12 Delivery!

Superior Source instant dissolve MicroLingual dissolve immediately under the tongue, resulting in quick and direct absorption. Held under the tongue, nutrients are absorbed directly into the body, resulting in an immediate B-12-vitamin boost. This concept is vital for vitamin B-12 supplementation.

Superior Source Ensures the Quality of its Products 

Superior Source’s products are produced in a cGMP (current good manufacturing practice)- compliant 100,000-squarefoot manufacturing facility; its high standards and have earned the trust of the natural products community. The company’s proprietary methods involve using Low pressure hydromolecular (LPH) technology to create its unique, instant dissolving tablets.

What Sets Superior Source Products Apart From the Competition?

Superior Source is the only source of soft molded instant release tablets; offering a diverse line of vitamins, minerals, and herbal formulas. The company’s trade secret MicroLingual delivery system with its soft molded tablets dissolve immediately, resulting in quick and direct absorption.

Requiring binders to hold them together, compressed tablets also contain needless fillers and excipients that leave less room for the active ingredient. That ulti¬mately means consumers have to take more of them (or swallow a larger pill) to get the same amount of actives found in a Superior Source MicroLingual tablet.

Superior Source’s soft molded MicroLingual tablets contain no excipients and rely on a small amount of acacia gum to hold them together. That results in a much more concentrated product about a tenth the size and weight of an equivalent standard swallowed tablet.

The company’s MicroLingual delivery system is ideal for a wide range of health goals including: heart health, energy and stress support, antioxidant support, healthy blood glucose, healthy sleep cycles, women’s and men’s health, and infant and children’s health.

Retailer Support/Ongoing Sample Program 

Superior Source provides retailers with individual samples on an ongoing basis with every order. These product samples are very effective for demonstrating the MicroLingual delivery system in-store. Customers get to immediately experience the product. The program quickly builds brand-loyalty. The company encourages sales staff and store owners to try the samples as well. Firsthand experience is the best sales tool.

Superior Source also provides comprehensive training, educating retail staff to explain the difference between our MicroLingual tablets and other product lines. The company explains the unique advantage of this delivery method.

What Does the Future Hold for Superior Source?

The company sees a bright future for its versatile product line and the ease of use of its products. The MicroLingual system is ideal for everyone who hates to swallow pills and completely eliminates the need for messy liquids or sprays. MicroLingual products are extremely well suited for children, and the elderly. Superior Source products do not need refrigeration and do not require water to swallow. The company sees these as major advantages going into a future where ease of supplementation is a critical factors for health and wellness.