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RightWay Nutrition – 2014

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14513 S. Center Point Way, Ste. 100
Bluffdale, UT 84065
Phone: (801) 225-4050
Email: sales@rightwaynutrition.com
Website: www.rightwaynutrition.com

Superior Products to Ensure the Customer Experience


RightWay Nutrition’s mission is to provide superior products to the general consumer base by utilizing clinically studied ingredients in cutting-edge formulations.

Quality assurance is extremely importance to RightWay, with programs implemented to ensure customer experience. The company’s inhouse science team carefully formulates each product using cutting-edge ingredients and original, proprietary formulations. Before a product is taken to shelves, it is tested and inspected for quality. RightWay’s design and science team also work closely together to make instructions for use and ingredient labels easy to understand for consumers.

In addition, RightWay chooses partners for manufacturing that practice good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and function at a superior level. Ingredients are clean and are obtained from the source. (For example, RightWay Nutrition’s best-selling Garcinia Cambogia is sourced from India, in order to provide the most effective product possible for customers.)It is important to RightWay to offer the best possible option for customers.

Here are just some of the incredible products RightWay has to offer, with even more on the horizon for 2015:

• Pro Balance™ 10-20-30 is a customizable, pro-biotic formulation, designed to offer far-reaching benefits for any body type. With 10 billion CFU’s of active organisms per capsule, designed to be taken in various doses to meet each individual’s needs.

• Fruit and Veggie VITS provide nutrition and vitamins for the whole family. With your daily dose of fruit and vegetables in one tasty chewable, RightWay Nutrition’s Fruit and Veggie VITS are a convenient way to give all members of the family their nutrients.

• RightWay Nutrition’s Pulse is a comprehensive heart health product, providing nutritional support for cardiovascular function. With all-natural ingredients, Pulse supports the heart with vital nutrients and may even help to mildly lower blood pressure.

• Lipo-Shear is a one of a kind product, combining two separate formulations that work together to promote results. Each formulation is specifically designed to work for that time of the day, giving you 24/7 metabolic support.

To learn more about RightWay’s incredible product offering, visit www.rightwaynutrition.com