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Redd Remedies – 2014


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Balanced. Therapeutic. Trusted

These words drive our passion to create holistic, natural health, and wellness solutions. Redd Remedies is committed to providing customers an effective selection of high quality, natural supplements. Redd Remedies®’s line of products works quickly to deliver results and provide meaningful support for the entire body.

Our products are the culmination of years of work, research, and an uncompromising desire to offer the best products to our customers. My family founded the Sunrise Health Food store in 1961 in Roseland, IL, which started our long-standing relationship with the health food industry. We made a promise then that still holds true today to help individuals put their health and lives in order. In 2005, we expanded this promise by launching Redd Remedies—a leading natural health supplements provider and a holistic approach to wellness.

The word “redd” means to “put in order”, which is exactly what we do at Redd Remedies. We help you put your life, as it relates to health, in order. We have formulated 34 products that are made for the body’s overall health and wellness, addressing conditions-specific symptoms, as well as core and peripheral issues. We source the finest quality herbs, vitamins, and minerals from trusted partners around the world and integrate the wisdom from all types of modalities resulting in powerful formulas that work quickly and effectively. Our newest addition to the Redd Remedies family of products zeroes in on four pain targets: joints, muscles, stress, and the brain (Pain T4™), joint friction (Joint Health™, Joint Health™ Advanced and Joint Health™ Soft Chews), and risk of osteoporosis (Bone Health™ and Bone Health™ Advanced) that effectively combines the elements of traditional Asian medicine and philosophies with scientifically supported Western natural medicine creating a versatile approach to promoting overall joint and bone health.

Other natural, gluten-free, conditions- specific Redd Remedies products help address health concerns such as cardiovascular function (Heart Strong™), blood pressure (120/80 Care™), healthy circulation, veins & arteries (Circulation VA™), energy (TrueEnergy™), sleep and anxiety (At Ease PM™), thyroid function (Thyroid Strong™), sinus (Adult Sinus™), sinus blockage and the immune system (SinuZyme™), mood (IN•JOY™), the nervous system (Nerve Shield™), weight management (Crave Stop™), memory and brain function (Brain Awakening™), uric acid (Gouch!™), urinary tract (UT Soothe™ with Probiotics) and respiratory function (Lung Care™).

Going beyond current cGMPs (current good manufacturing practices), Redd Remedies ensures its products conform to the highest natural quality by performing additional testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and gluten. Additionally, Redd Remedies is a proud sponsor of the American Botanical Council, American Herbal Products Association and Natural Products Association.

Our packaging and branding are striking and bold enough to draw interest among customers within each structure/ function set on your shelves. Each individual box includes a clear, definitive product name across the front and individual ingredients statement on the side. We provide a significant opportunity for education to your customers when they pick up one of our products and read all of the information provided on it. These features make Redd Remedies products vivid and stand out on shelf displays.

At Redd Remedies, we value our retailers. As a health food retailer myself, I understand the pressures of running a health food store. We work hard to make partnering with Redd Remedies as one of your preferred brands as easy as possible. Health food retailers are (and have been for many years) changing the misconceptions that Americans have about what is healthy food; teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle—what to eat and why, how to improve their health, how to deal with tough health issues they are facing, and doing it in a way that makes your customers feel cared for.

Thank you for your work!Please let us know how we can help you as you work to ever improve your stores and product offerings.

For more information about Redd Remedies, visit our website at www.reddremedies.com. Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@reddremedies). For training and support, contact us at (888) 453-5058.