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Osteo Bi-Flex Partners With Golf Legend Rocco Mediate

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Osteo Bi-Flex, a bone and joint health brand, announced its partnership with veteran professional golfer Rocco Mediate. The brand will be a premier sponsor of Mediate at tournaments throughout the 2017 season. As part of the sponsorship, Mediate will feature the Osteo Bi-Flex logo on the front of his headwear while competing in various tournaments.

“Rocco Mediate is considered one of the best professional golfers of our time, and that distinction doesn’t lessen during the senior tour. We are excited to align ourselves with him as he embarks on another successful season,” said John Frame, VP of brand marketing for Osteo Bi-Flex. “Osteo Bi-Flex is leading the call for movement and wants to help people stay as physically active as they are mentally; Rocco’s ongoing performance in his career is reflective of just that, making him the perfect partner for us.”

This newest partnership continues the commitment Osteo Bi-Flex has made to lead the call for movement by empowering individuals to continue doing the activities that they enjoy. As a professional golfer, Mediate has aimed to keep himself in ideal shape, but the game can put repeated strain on the body, causing body aches and increased concerns about joint comfort. With nine victories in his four-decade career, Mediate is highly-regarded as a top player in the sport, and as he heads into the 2017 season with Osteo Bi-Flex, he looks to continue that success.

“I’ve suffered from body aches throughout my entire golf career, and as the years go by, I feel it more and more. I know firsthand how important it is to keep moving and stay active,” says Rocco Mediate. “I never wanted to quit doing what makes me happy and I’m thrilled to partner with the Osteo Bi-Flex brand, because they support joint comfort, flexibility and movement so that people can continue to do what they love.”

For more information, visit www.osteobiflex.com.

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