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NeoCell’s Vitamin Angels Fundraising Campaign Concluded on the Day of Love

Phase 2

This past Valentine’s Day, NeoCell celebrated the holiday with the conclusion of its philanthropic campaign. The company’s annual campaign for Vitamin Angels helped the charity reach 240,000 women and children globally. For every NeoCell bottle sold during/over the last three months, the company made a donation to Vitamin Angels that will give one child the  nutrients he or she needs to survive and thrive. In 2016, Vitamin Angels reached over 51 million children and mothers in nearly 60 countries with high dose vitamin A, prenatal vitamins and de-worming tablets.

The NeoCell campaign isn’t just about raising money, but also about raising awareness of the worldwide issue of childhood malnutrition. NeoCell uses special neck tags that promote Vitamin Angels during the fall campaign and encourages others to donate through its #GivingIsBeautiful hashtag on social media.

“Our continued success only fuels us to give back more. We are proud to announce that we will hit our goal and have helped improve over 1.75 million lives since partnering with Vitamin Angels,” said Jessica Mulligan, NeoCell vice-president of sales & marketing. “Giving is beautiful, and we are happy to continuing spreading the message of beauty worldwide,” she added.

For more information, visit www.vitaminangels.org and www.neocell.com.


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