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NeoCell Launches Fall Partnership with Vitamin Angels


Irvine, California-based NeoCell launched its annual fall campaign to raise money for Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lifesaving and life-changing vitamins to children and mothers in need.

From Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, NeoCell will donate 25 cents to Vitamin Angels for every product that it ships. Last year, the same campaign raised $192,000 for Vitamin Angels, enough money to help more than 770,000 children.

“Partnering with Vitamin Angels has become a very important part of what we do as a company,” said Jessica Mulligan, vice-president of sales and marketing, NeoCell. “Seeing the very real difference that NeoCell’s contributions are making in the lives of children in need was one of the best
experiences of my life.”

Mulligan met some of the children helped by Vitamin Angels by going with the group to observe vitamin distributions in Peru. They provided life-changing multivitamins to children living in villages as high as 14,000 feet, where little food can be grown. According to Vitamin Angels, 45 percent of all child deaths worldwide are caused by undernutrition.

Millions more will never reach their full physical or mental potential and many of these children can be saved or their lives dramatically changed through improved nutrition, according to NeoCell, noting they have collectively helped more than a million children through its partnership with Vitamin Angels over the past three years.

“Our friends at NeoCell know the true meaning of beauty,” said Howard Schiffer, founder and president, Vitamin Angels. “Their wholehearted commitment to our cause is helping those children and moms who are most in need to shine.”

During the fall campaign, NeoCell products will have special Vitamin Angels’ neck tags, and display materials are being made available to retailers. People are urged to help spread the word about the campaign through social media by using the hashtags #GivingIsBeautiful and #NeoCellGiving.

For more on Vitamin Angels, visit www.vitaminangels.org or NeoCell at  www.neocell.com



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