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Pain & Inflammation Pain & Inflammation

Dr. Jacob Teitelbam, M.D., an authority on integrative medicine, provides detailed information about select natural products for pain and inflammation.

“When using curcumin, it is critical to use a form that has both high absorption, and optimal amounts. It is also helpful to use the synergy that different herbals have to see the dramatic benefits that herbals can offer.

So for example, for pain in general, the best herbal mix is called Curamin, which has been a pain relief miracle for countless people. It uses the synergy of combining the best highly absorbed curcumin, boswellia, DLPA, and nattokinase, Head on studies show this mix to be more effective than Celebrex for joint pain. But instead of arthritis killing 40,000 Americans each year, herbals result in “side benefits” instead of side effects. For example, the special form of curcumin found in Curamin was shown to be more effective than antidepressants at improving mood. In addition, dozens of studies are exploring the benefits of curcumin for cancer.

Another excellent herbal mix is called End Pain. This combines willow bark, boswellia, and cherry.

It is also important to realize that herbals contain components that may be both helpful and harmful. For treating the inflammation of colitis and asthma, boswellia has been shown to be very effective. Using a form called BosMed optimizes the herbs benefits while eliminating the toxic component. The same is seen with topical Comfrey using a form called Traumaplant, which works within seconds when rubbed on areas of pain Optimizing omega-3 fatty acids is also critical for keeping a balanced inflammation system. Using vectorized Omega 3s, as can be seen in Vectomega, allows a single pill to replace eight large fish oil capsules. This also eliminates the fish oil burps. This is especially helpful for cardiovascular inflammation, though it helps inflammation in general.”

A study on curcumin and depression:

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