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Natural and Organic Pet Products Trending Among Millennials

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While pets have always been considered part of the family, younger pet product consumers are really going out of their way to spoil their four-legged companies.

Consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 are trending toward natural, organic products according to a recent market research firm, Packaged Facts, in the report, “Millennials as Pet Market Consumers.”

As the United States grows more health conscious, Millennial pet owners have been seeking natural, sustainably made pet food; and it’s expected, as Millennials get older and their budgets increase, so will their spending on natural and organic pet food products. Aware of labeling, Millennials are most likely to use pet foods with formulas geared toward enhancing the health of their pets, which of course include pet foods characterized as organic, holistic, non-GMO, and grain free.

In fact, nearly three quarters of Millennial pet owners—versus fewer than half of pet owners over age 35—are more likely to consider foods whose recipes use natural ingredients over mass-produced foods.

The report also stated that more than half of Millennial pet owners—as opposed to only 30 percent of pet owners 35 and over—are willing to try holistic and natural branded nutritional supplements before resorting to conventional pet medication.


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