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Krill Oil Is Neptune’s Top Priority


Neptune Technologies & Bioressources’ new Quebec plant touts 150 metric ton production of krill oil annually. Saying it is equipped to allow for double that production, the Sherbrooke plant plans to further promote the popular NKO® brand. Neptune simultaneously announced three new formulations promoting heart, bones and brain wellness.

Claiming the highest amount of bioactives in the industry, the company points to research that has found that the phospholipid-enhanced omega-3 in NKO® allows for easier digestion and 2.5 times higher absorption rates than those found in fish oils. And because of a patented extraction process, NKO® also supplies seven times more antioxidant, astaxanthin, than other krill oils.

One of Neptune’s top execuctives said the wellness company revisited its processes in order to expand capacity and develop new products featuring NKO. “In a market where product differences are scarce, Neptune’s products put the corporation in a strong position to offer our customers a differentiated offering,” said Michel Timperio, senior vice president, Global Sales.

On top of focusing on the production of Neptune’s proprietary krill oil (NKO®), three new formulations will be launched that benefit heart and circulation, bones and joints, and brain and vision health, according to the company. The three new formulas to be added are branded NKO Beat, Flex and Focus.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to protect our process, employees and ability to provide superior forms of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids,” said Timperio.

For more information, visit neptunekrilloil.com/media-room.