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It’s Just a Weight Loss Fallacy, According to Jonathan Bailor


New York Times Bestselling Author Jonathan Bailor’s The Quest to End the Calorie Myth, is opening eyes as he questions traditional weight-loss tactics.

Presenting his work in a web series, sponsored by Los Angeles-based Quest Nutrition (QN), Bailor’s work is the latest offering in Quest’s effort to generate fun, educational content that helps viewers unleash the best version of themselves, QN reports.

According to QN, the series exposes conventional nutrition lies and misinformation that prevents viewers from reaching their health and fitness goals and is backed by a decade of scientific nutritional research endorsed by top doctors and researchers from Harvard, Johns Hopkins and UCLA.

Tom Bilyeu, QN president, said Quest’s mission is to make healthy eating fun.

“A big part of that is educating people on exactly what is healthy, and what the current state of healthy eating looks like,” Bilyeu said. “Jonathan Bailor effortlessly breaks down complex principles so that viewers can easily apply this knowledge to achieve a healthier, happier life… and enjoy every bite.”

Viewers will learn to reject the standard calorie-counting model of weight loss, focusing instead on the efficacy of high-quality food, ­eating more of what Bailor calls ‘SANE’ foods­ to more easily burn fat and boost health, reports QN.  In making better nutrition and health choices, viewers will learn how to “save time, money, and quite possibly their lives.”

The web series began June 22 and continues with five more weekly epsisodes from June 29 to July 27. Along with teaching the truth about diet and having 25 patents, Bailor blogs for the Huffington Post and hosts a popular syndicated health radio show.

For more information, visit www.questnutrition.com.