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GNC Honors Polyphenolics’ Shrikhande for Excellence in Innovation


General Nutrition Corporation (GNC), a global specialty health, wellness and performance retailer, recently honored Polyphenolics retired President Anil Shrikhande for his pioneering contributions to the nutrition industry. Shrikhande was presented with the Career Award for Excellence in Innovation by GNC Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Guru Ramanathan.

During the presentation, Ramanathan described his admiration of Shrikhande’s concept of developing a premium grape seed extract product to help maintain normal blood pressure. The result was Polyphenolics’ MegaNatural-BP. Calling this concept “exceptional,” Ramanathan credited Shrikhande with “contributing to innovation in the nutritional space.” GNC  recognized other potential uses for this unique ingredient over the years and has included MegaNatural-BP not only in formulations to support blood pressure maintenance, but also in several sports nutrition supplements, and a male performance product as well.

The award states: “This award recognizes GNC’s most innovative scientific partners for their dedication to the research and development of products which deliver health benefits to improve the well-being of GNC customers. Their spirit of innovation plays an integral role in GNC’s ability to help our customers in their pursuit to “LIVE WELL.”

“On this day, GNC’s Science Team would like to thank and acknowledge Dr. Shrikhande for his outstanding contributions to GNC as well as the dietary supplement industry. You are a true partner and friend.”

Shrikhande accepted the award, stating, “To be getting this from a customer with such a great international reputation is so meaningful.”

MegaNatural-BP Premium Grape Seed Extract has shown in three clinical studies to support healthy blood pressure within the normal range with no adverse side effects. It has four U.S. patents and numerous patents issued worldwide, and has been researched both in the lab and in double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials. With each trial, results confirmed its ability to manage prehypertension in at-risk subjects susceptible to cardiovascular disorders.


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