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Former Nelsons US President David Hinton Takes On CEO Role


U.K.-based all-natural health care products manufacturer Nelsons appointed David Hinton as CEO.

Hinton moved from the U.S. to take the helm at Nelsons’ head office in Wimbledon, London, replacing Najib Fayad. Hinton’s appointment follows a hugely successful period of growth and global expansion for Nelsons during a particularly challenging time for natural health care and the global economy, according to the 150-year old family business.

As the former president of Nelson Bach USA, Hinton took two natural products into the mainstream mass drug outlets including CVS pharmacies and Walgreens, according to Robert Wilson, chairman of Nelsons.

“Hiring David as CEO is the right direction for the company now and we are extremely confident that he will lead our business to deliver our ambitions. His experience and successes in the USA absolutely convinced us that he is the right person to take Nelsons into a new era globally.”

Looking forward to the relocation, Hinton said when he worked for Nelsons in the US, he knew the company and owners and enjoyed working with his predecessor, but now he is ready to bring something new to Nelsons.

“As CEO, I’m looking forward to taking what is already a successful company and making it more efficient, more innovative and ultimately bigger,” said Hinton.

For more information, visit www.nelsonsnaturalworld.com.

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