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Green Cosmetics Retailer Ranking

A new report released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Retail Therapy, explores major retailers commitment to personal care product safety. In the absence of strict government regulations on the $50 billion personal care industry, the report looks at whether some of the country’s largest retailers give consumers access to safer products by screening personal care products and offering nontoxic alternatives.

“We felt the time was right to be looking more closely at retailers and upping the ante in terms of our expectations as consumer advocates,” said Janet Nudelman, one of the report’s authors and the director of program and policy at the Breast Cancer Fund. “The retail sector has such enormous power and carries so much weight.”

Whole Foods Market, the only natural store in the mix, came out on top with its strict screening processes, superior transparency, and safe and affordable private label line.

Among the seven mass retailers ranked, CVS was the strongest, recognizing the shortcomings of current FDA legislation, reformulating its private-label baby products and offering a range of safe alternatives. Meanwhile, Macy’s was at the bottom of the list, enforcing no ingredient standards beyond government regulations and offering few—if any—safe alternatives.

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