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A Retailer-Supplier’s Take on Cholesterol Control

If the name Dan Chapman, CEO of Sunrise Health Foods, a two-store chain in Illinois, is familiar, it’s likely because you’ve spoken with him at a trade show in his other role—founder/CEO of Redd Remedies, a supplement manufacturer.

Redd Remedies is launching four new products for Cardiovascular health this December. The category starts with a cardio foundational product called Heart Strong™. In addition, the company will have products that address blood pressure and vein and artery health.

The cholesterol formula, Cholesterol Defense, contains red yeast rice (600 mg), cordyceps 4:1 (150 mg), reishi FB 10 percent polysaccharide 10:1 (100 mg) and green tea 45 percent EGCG/95 percent phenols/70 percent catechins (100 mg).

“The philosophy behind this formula reaches beyond cholesterol alone. While we do want to effectively lower cholesterol levels in an individual’s body, we also want to address the reasons for the elevation—without sinking below a person’s ‘set point,’” said Chapman. “Ideally, this formula will be used in conjunction with Heart Strong, as the foundation for cardiovascular health. Doing so will also provide support for the system as a whole.”

He explained that red yeast rice will bring total cholesterol and LDL back into line. Green tea also offers cholesterol-lowering effects, but more importantly provide antioxidant potential. “The high antioxidant activity of green tea will protect both LDL cholesterol and arterial epithelium from oxidation. It is also hepatoprotective (protects the liver),” he said. Meanwhile, cordyceps and reishi offer adaptogenic qualities and hepatoprotective properties. Adaptogens are relevant to a cholesterol formula for a variety of reasons: 1) to modulate cortisol levels, and lower cortisol levels will reduce the need for excess cholesterol; 2) to modulate the stress response and help the body deal with stress and emotions (TCM); 3) both cordyceps and reishi have been shown to lower cholesterol; both are hepatoprotective; 4) both help with qi stagnation; 5) reishi is a great anti-inflammatory.

“Unlike other cholesterol formulas available, our product is about more than cholesterol. We address the stress component; liver nourishing component and antioxidant component,” said Chapman. “We provide adaptogenic support to address other stressors that may be initiating the need and production of more cholesterol in the body to ‘patch’ weak spots in the artery walls.”

The new products are scheduled to launch in December. For more information, visit or call (888) 453-5058.

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