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EuroPharma Now Employee-owned

Phase 2

To celebrate EuroPharma’s 10th anniversary, Founder and President Terry Lemerond has signed the papers to share ownership of his company with his employees. It’s a gift he hopes will reward their hard work and dedication and ensure the company continues to grow and progress in perpetuity.

EuroPharma’s employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) provides for the continued growth and continuity of the company he founded in 2007. Lemerond said he will remain president of EuroPharma and plans to continue to lead the employee-owners.

“EuroPharma is a wonderful company built by a strong team,” said Lemerond. “When planning for the future, I did not want the company to be sold to an outsider. I feel that the people who helped me build this company and share the pride of our achievement deserve to have ownership. It feels fantastic to share the success with them.”

An ESOP traditionally helps employees maximize retirement income and offers security for the future. Giving employees ownership also can be a smart business-growth strategy. A recent study by researchers at the University of Iowa, Villanova University, and Indiana University, published in the Human Resource Management Journal found that employee ownership could make a company an average of 4 percent more profitable than others. Over 10 years, that represents huge potential growth.

“The ESOP gives me a way to achieve my ultimate dream,” said Lemerond, “which is to pass the success on to the next generation. My greatest joy is to see our employees flourish personally as their efforts meet with continued success. Employee ownership is a way to perpetuate the pride we all feel today and maintain our role as industry innovators for many years to come.”


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