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The Energy Improvement Diet

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Mark Timon, MS, founder and formulator of Vibrant Health, CT, always emphasizes the need to eat a nutrient-dense, smart diet to maintain good health and well-being, and especially when addressing flagging energy. He describes why:

“Human metabolism adapted many millennia ago to a diet that provided foods from two groups, namely protein (in the form of wild meats and insects) and plants, which included fibrous roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and nuts. No grains. No dairy foods beyond the nursing of infants. By weight, consumption of plant foods was roughly 50 percent higher than that of protein foods; 3.2 pounds versus 2 pounds respectively. You will notice that the diet contained no coffee, bread, toast, marmalade, boxed cereals, oatmeal, cream of wheat, pancakes, ice cream, sweetened yogurts, alcoholic beverages, snacks of all sorts or any of the other metabolically inappropriate foods we now consume under the influence of forgetfulness, advertising and attractive packaging.

“Whole, nutrient dense foods provide sustaining energy. Furthermore, the human digestive tract is best suited to take in a large amount of protein IN THE MORNING! Eating nothing, or grabbing coffee and a Danish or a bagel on the way to work is anathema to human biochemistry, and will, more than likely, lead to a worn out, fagged out, sleepy, late morning or mid-day letdown that leaves one gullible to the marketing hype that pushes energy drinks and energy supplements on the undisciplined consumer.

“There needs to be a focus on clean energy solutions like B12 and matcha green tea. For example, to match the potency in a single serving of matcha, you would need to drink at least 10 cups of green tea. It’s unique in that it provides L-theanine, an amino acid, which promotes a relaxed yet productive alertness and mood enhancement. L-theanine works synergistically with the caffeine in matcha to provide clarity and concentration without the jitters. Matcha provides sustained energy for up to four hours without the crash you feel with coffee. Also unlike coffee, the caffeine is alkalizing rather than acidic.”


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