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Documentary Details NOW Commitment


Promoting commitment, NOW Foods has produced a short documentary, “Who is NOW.”

The video reveals how the company is uniquely positioned to meet the comprehensive wellness needs of health-conscious consumers by offering such a diverse product line, according to NOW.

“NOW is truly a unique company, and I think this video will give people a fresh and engaging look at what makes us so special” said Jim Emme, NOW CEO.

With three different locations, including a testing lab and warehouse, NOW says its video interviews a variety of key personnel responsible for areas including quality, research and development, receiving, production, category management and more, and shows how each plays an important role in supporting NOW’s initiatives.

“It provides an opportunity to meet a few of our talented and passionate employees who are on the front line making a difference every day,” said Emme.

The video can be viewed at: on NOW’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/nowfoods.


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