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Devon Powell Resigns From NPA

Phase 2

Devon Powell sent a message out on LinkedIn.

“As many of you have read or will, I’ve resigned as COO/SVP of Membership at Natural Products Association (NPA),” wrote Powell in a message dated July 23.

The short message goes on, reading “given my eight-year tenure at American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), I imagine departing NPA after only six weeks is even more of a shock than my leaving my former employer, and several have already asked the same, somewhat obvious question, ‘What happened?’”

In his own words Powell continued, “All I can say is this: I did not resign because of any performance-related issues; this was solely my decision and was not one in which I was asked or encouraged to resign.”

After thanking those who have reached out to wish him well during the transition, he wrote, “What I’ll appreciate even more is your support as my professional, and in many cases personal, network as I take some time to plan my next career move.”

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