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Caffeine for Sports Intensity


According to a study reported by Science Daily, caffeine combined with carbohydrates could be used to help athletes perform better on the field. According to Science Daily, Mayur Ranchordas, a senior lecturer and performance nutritionist at Sheffield Hallam University, carried out studies on soccer players using caffeine and carbohydrates in a drink. Along with improvements in endurance caused by ingesting carbohydrates, the athlete’s skill level improved after taking caffeine and carbohydrate together.

Ranchordas carried out three different soccer-specific match simulations of 90 minutes each—two 45-minute sessions—that tested the agility, dribbling, heading and kicking accuracy. “We found that the combination of carbohydrate and caffeine allowed players to sustain higher work intensity for the sprints, as well as improving shooting accuracy and dribbling during simulated soccer activity,” Ranchordas said. “These findings suggest that, for athletes competing in team sports where endurance and skill are important factors, ingesting a carbohydrate and caffeine drink, as opposed to just a carbohydrate drink, may significantly enhance performance. Our findings suggest that soccer players should choose a carbohydrate caffeine drink over a carbohydrate drink to consumer before kick off and at half-time.”


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